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Five Minute Friday: Grateful

Five Minute Friday

It's not Friday anymore, but I wrote based on the Five Minute Friday prompt, so be sure to stop by Lisa-Jo's place and see what others are writing in five minutes on the word:


I tried so hard to go into Mother's Day Weekend with low expectations because even though I'm a mom, it is NOT all about me. Thankfully, I did pretty well --not perfect, mind you, there was one little hissy fit Saturday night... but I regrouped and went to bed before 9 o'clock because I was achy, tired, and cranky, and not feeling very grateful; even though it had been an amazing day, including a new flower garden space, prepping for the veggie garden, a late lunch at Texas Roadhouse and the afternoon/evening spent out on the porch swing ... (how is that for an awful run-on sentence?)

Sunday morning began with whispers and rustling in the hallway well before 7 AM. {smile} But Wes restrained them and gave some guidance. At 7 AM, I was greeted with hot coffee, a poptart, and four eager children with PILES of Mother's Day creations!

They had been busy!

Each one was adorable and amazing and created with an unconditional love that I can be so underserving of. My heart just exploded a little bit more with each one I got to look at and read.

There was kid writing from my kindergartner that could have used an interpreter,

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the masterpieces from my one and only son including a pop up handmade card,

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and the handprint in cement because my Ella has a fantatstic first grade teacher...

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But then there was the work of art from my 9 year old --- her creation, combined with her words (she's gonna be my writer) just summed up my life, my relationship with my kids, and our unconditional love for each other in the middle of all the messes and all the mistakes!

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I am so grateful!

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What are you grateful for ?

grateful for

new flower gardens
steak for lunch
the porch swing
coffee and a poptart in bed
kids creative painting and cards
marinated veggies on the grill
unconditional love
messes and mistakes
seeing Jesus in my kids


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  1. What a wonderful thing to be thankful for. Your kids are precious. I need to write about my mothers day. I know I will b happy I did.=) From FMF


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