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Five Minute Friday: Belong

Five Minute Friday

It's a little far from Friday... closer to the next Friday, but I've been itching to try my hand at writing, at blogging again, so here it is...

I found Five Minute Friday hanging out at Crystal Stine's place this week... She's a treasure, be sure to check her out! She'll make you feel like you belong!

Here's my five(+) minutes on Belong


Somedays I wonder where I belong... Is it in the bloggy world, in the crafty world, in the writing world, in the continuing education world, in the just-a-mom world?

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I recently took a social media break to figure it all out... and to finish strong in two online classes that were stretching me a little farther than I wanted to stretch (one of them was a PE class, haha). I'm still on the social media break, but I cheated recently and perused a little bit of twitter, a little bit of instagram, a little bit of facebook. And it reminded me of what I loved about the online community.

For one thing, when you disappear for a month, there is always someone to welcome you back (or even notice that you were gone in the first place). Not hundreds of people, but it was my people. An email here, a Voxer there, and a twitter conversation, too.  And I realize that I still belong.

I don't write for days, weeks on end, but when I sit down and focus the words will still flow... sometimes a little choppy at first, but they are still there, I just have to work at them. And I realize I can still call myself a writer, I just can't be lazy. Sometimes it takes a little effort to belong.

Those classes I worked so hard on, I got an A in both of them... and the anticipation of on-campus fall classes has me a little giddy and I realize I can still belong in the higher education arena, too.

I peruse Pinterest and am overcome with great card making ideas and when my classes are finally done, I sit down at my craft table and I create, and I create, and I create...

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and I love every single card I make and I am giddy with the thought of sending them to some of my friends to bless and encourage others... maybe I don't belong in the etsy world full time yet, but God can use my gift of creating to show others they belong!

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I take my kids to swim lessons and watch them improve and have a blast. I make rainbow loom creations (including a Queen Elsa).
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We go on vacation and I enjoy the pool with them a bit, they ride bikes to the area park, we enjoy a day at the Creation Museum, etc... Back at home, I cuddle with my kids more and take them to the park and the library. I make little successes in parenting and I realize that above all I belong to these kids and they belong to me and I can be a mom ... and all the other things too. It's just an ebb and flow, and not so much a balance of it all, but a belonging and a taking turns on where my focus is.


so be a little gentle as I stop in to see if I belong in the blogging world still  ;)
Hope to be back again soon, but no promises!


  1. Oh , Julie!!! This is so beautiful and rhythmic, it just makes my heart sing and I felt myself rocking side to side as I read it. Those cards are maybe your best yet! There is something about a dark brown base that speaks to me and makes me happy. The thought of chocolate maybe? So glad you are here, even if it is just a tease until you jump back in. I have one question. How do you take an online PE course? :) I've missed you!

    1. Thanks, I love the kraft base on the cards as well! :)

      and regarding an online PE course... it was Cross Training, so the actual exercise could be according to your lifestyle and schedule, etc. Some good reading, and definitely an honor system in reporting your exercise :)

  2. Welcome back, Julie!! And I second Amy's note - those cards are darling. And I am glad you are still enjoying your break. You are welcome any time, pop in or long visit. Happy not-on-Friday posting -- now you belong with me :) Hugs!

    1. Even though I started with Five Minute Friday from the beginning, the past year has been rough... I am not sure I posted on an actual Friday more than a handful of times! :)
      Thanks for the hugs and welcome back!

  3. Awww, Julie, glad you're back. I met you at Lyfe and went looking for you when we returned home but you were on your break. Glad you're lurking back in a bit. Your cards are lovely and will be a blessing!! I featured my cat at FMF last week and will link in this week's FMF in the morning. May you know renewal and floods of words in whimsical ways!
    Kathryn Ross

    1. Thanks so much, Kathryn. It was great to meet you at Lyfe. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some encouraging words!


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