Monday, August 4

Five Minute Friday: Begin

I'm totally breaking the rules with this one, because it's the last 5 minutes with Lisa-Jo as she passes the torch to Kate Motaung (who I'm sure is a delightful person and I can't wait to get to know her through the coming weeks of Five Minute Friday)... Because I don't know her, I don't know if she will let us break the rules (or at least bend them a bit) :) So I'm thinking on the prompt Begin (or was it bacon) and doing a little research and a little sleeping before I begin my five minutes on begin. 

sidenote: I wrote this Thursday night before I turned out my light with the full intention of writing in the morning... and then my pen kept moving and this is what came out before my pen stopped!!!

I began with Five Minute Friday all those years ago with the first prompt --it was a photo prompt, not even a word prompt. And my 5 minutes were very short (this was before I wanted to be a writer).  Over the years I have written regularly and written intermittently and dropped off the face of the earth altogether, but I keep coming back to this community, this #fmfparty community, because when I'm with them, I fall in love with twitter again, I fall in love with blogging, with community, with inside jokes like bacon, alpacas, and ...

I fall in love with writing again, and when the romance with writing begins again I begin to smile and I begin to write until my hand aches and I think I better get a better pen to attach to my writing journal.

I begin to believe in myself again...

~believe in the dreams God has placed on my heart
~believe that God is writing my story
~believe that I am loved whether I blog every day or less than once a month
~believe that friends, real friends, exist online and I have friends in Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, California, and Florida and a whole bunch of other states, and even multiple locations in Canada, and right here in Pennsylvania.

These friends are here for each new beginning, cheering me on and they will cheer you on with encouraging words that can flow out in just five minutes (or more).

Take a few minutes to encourage others in your life today! You can't begin to imagine what it will mean to them!

and read some other great readers participating in five minute Friday with Lisa-Jo this week!

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  1. Your journey with blogging, sounds like my own!! Nice to meet you, neighbor!
    From #FMF :)


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