Wednesday, August 6

The Written Word: Snail Mail

I've never been a huge fan of my handwriting. For one thing, I'm left handed and it took many childhood years of struggle to figure out how to write without smearing the ink with my hand... and I don't hold my hand at that crazy awkward angle like my father does (have I mentioned that I love my father and all the quirks he has gifted to me?)

bunny trails, bunny trails... where was I?

Writing, the struggling theme of my smattering of blogposts lately.

More specifically, handwriting.

I know the power of the written word, especially the Word of God.

I also know the power of a handwritten recipe from a dear grandma, mom, or aunt.
I know the power of a scrapbook page with captions written from the heart.
I know the power of a hand-written journal entry
(Ooh, another bunny trail--my parents found my high-school diaries in their basement last month. I'm looking forward to picking them up on our next visit).
And I know the power of a hand-written encouragement note, thank you note, or birthday card (I'm partial to handmade).

It's rare to see a handwritten envelope in the mailbox these days, but thanks to #fmfpartysnailmail there are days when buried in the bills, catalogs and credit card offers, a small and beautiful breath of fresh air appears.  A personal envelope, handwritten. Those little notes mean the world to me--encouragement, verses, reminders that God is good and He sees me. A refocus that brings renewal and refreshment. Sometimes a handwritten note that pushes me to be a better me.

Like my mom and my oldest sister, they send handwritten notes regularly, little newsy updates, a connection in this fast-paced, so easy to drift apart world... I wanna be like them.

Even in my writing/blogging endeavors, I find that the ideas come and the words flow more easily with paper and ink instead of a keyboard and screen.
Writing helps me sort my thoughts, writing is an encouragement to others, writing is a way of telling generations to come the wonderful works of our amazing God. Writing is a way to give thanks to friend, to family, to God.

Have you seen the power of the written word in your life?

I'm joining my #fmfpartysnailmail friends over at Kaitlyn's place as we share about the written word, Go check them out!!

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  1. It's so fun seeing so many pictures of your cards going out to many! :)


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