Thursday, August 14

Five Minute Friday: Fill

I've always been a procrastinator, but this is getting ridiculous. I have loved Five Minute Friday from the start. It's what taught me to sit down and write without worrying whether it's right or not, but I still struggle with it. And now we've transitioned to a new host for Five Minute Friday and a new journey and I so want to be a part of it and I've almost missed the first week entirely.

When I saw the prompt last Friday, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, but I had no idea what it was going to look like and then I refused to sit down and write... phooey on me!!

so here goes my feeble attempt in the eleventh hour!!


A blueberry in the bucket, a blueberry in the mouth, a blueberry in the bucket, a blueberry in the mouth... Which will get filled first, the bucket or his tummy? That's the way it goes with my nephew. My girls on the other hand filled their buckets pretty quickly because for some reason, I can't get them to like blueberries, unless it's the dehydrated ones that come in muffin mixes. :)

 photo db18d8c61c276420a3ba7e511811ef55_zps041b6e91.jpg

I spent last Friday picking blueberries with my girls, my sisters, and my mom. It's been a while since I've done it, but I'm looking forward to some blueberry treats this fall, winter, or even spring... because now my freezer has a shelf of frozen blueberries all ready for baking.

 photo 4cfad32744ef6a7149afb2601a839979_zps6ec8f873.jpg

Truth be told, it's the baking I love, I don't care if it's blueberries, cheesecake, brownies or Christmas cookies. I love baking! It fills my heart with joy and gives me more cushioning than I need, baking makes me happy.  Almost as happy as writing... actually baking makes me happier than writing because I can see the immediate positive results and feedback from my baking... maybe I should make this a baking blog (and maybe I should stop writing as my brain seems to have gone away with me and taken any chance of a complete thought with it).

 photo 440ddf951c0a25650ce360b0f9338ceb_zps1ec1ee18.jpg

Baking, blueberry picking, spending time with family like I did last week... all things that fill my heart (well maybe not the work of blueberry picking, but that's where this blog post started).

What fills your heart?  or what fills your freezer?  :)

So like I said it's the eleventh hour and I'm going to try to link up with the other fine writers at Five Minute Friday... before we all join for a new week and a new prompt tonight at #fmfparty on twitter!!


  1. Awww Julie . . . Glad you made it. Maybe you can hop on tonight at 10pm and be first in line for this week! LOVE the blueberry quandary - filling the bucket or the mouth! Memories of picking blueberries with my own mom long ago and far away now . . .

    Be filled with Joy - you little writer you . . .

    1. Oh, Kathryn, such an encouragement! :) Thank you for sharing your blueberry memories!


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