Saturday, October 4

Handmade Cards: Learn

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I'm learning...

Did you know that today is World Card Making Day... and usually on this day, I "lock myself" in my card room and spend the whole day making cards. Do you want to know what I actually did today? Wrote a paper... just a three-page paper on The Poem of El Cid... ever hear of it? Yeah, me neither until last week when I had to read it for World Literature which I am taking with the intention of finishing my bachelor's degree... maybe before I'm 40, but probably not... it's not that far away!

Anyway, the point is, I am pushing myself to keep learning even if it is not all the stuff I would choose. See, the thing with getting a degree is that sometimes you have to take required courses that don't really fit your passion.

I just lost my train of thought... that happens sometimes with five minute free writes. My mind just went blank.

Did you know that you can learn to make handmade cards? It's super fun and can be very easy. There is no reason to make it complicated. A handmade card is going the extra mile in a thankyou note, a birthday card, or a just because letter.

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Today I am sharing some cards that I used for a workshop to teach others how to make handmade cards. I have so much fun doing these (on a small scale) and am hoping to do another one sometimes soon (but maybe not until this busy semester is over).  I loved showing the ladies these sample cards and watching them take the supplies and make the design their own with simple changes here and there.

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And if you don't want to make your own, you can always order a few from my shop!

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The question is this: How do you keep learning, even if it's not formal education? If you are local, would you be interested in a little workshop for making cards?

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My word prompt came from Kate Motaung who is doing 31 days of 5 minute free writes this month!  Five minutes of writing is about all I can squeeze in these days, but it's better than no writing!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment as I get moving again in writing and creating... (it might just benefit you at the end of our time this month)


  1. Love this! Our church's prayer ministry has card parties once a month - they gather to make cards to send to the people on the prayer list. I try to go when I can... but mine don't look like your works of art!

    1. You don't give yourself enough credit! I bet your cards are more creative/artistic than you think!
      It's the thought that counts!! Keep creating and keep sending snail mail!


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