Wednesday, October 1

Handmade Cards: Move

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion

Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

 photo 4c7cfe67d624281fddb221fc204f35f1_zps4060adc7.jpg
My pen and my card table have both been at rest for far too long. There is always a reason (or an excuse). I'm busy... aren't we all? But when I go a month without making cards, it becomes even harder for me to get down there and ignore the laundry or the vacuuming, or give up a chance to veg on the couch and watch a movie. I often choose to stay at rest when it comes to creating. But the longer I go without creating (whether in writing or in card making) the crankier I get.

And when I get cranky, I'm not much fun to be around. So this month of October will be a month of moving... I will jot down a few words on this screen, I will share some cards I have made in the past... and before this month is over, I will move and I will get back to down to my craft room and I will create some new cards to share here... and to list in my etsy shop!

Sometimes it just starts with a little paper, a little stamping and a little bit of coloring. I start with flowers and I color and cut... the cards will come later.

 photo b501a53dd749e73d4a97d6e049e8d136_zpsfd09598f.jpg

When I will realize that I need to send a note to one of my kids' teachers, I will whip up a little set of stationery, because notes on fun paper is so much more enjoyable.

 photo 81e178fce5adcd2c1b3fd2817b3da250_zps4a1a7e87.jpg

So today's share isn't even a card... it's just a perfect paper for a little note, or a long letter!

 photo 326204e4437db968116a39e51d2db367_zps5fb23f96.jpg

The question is this: Do people still send actual letters? Would you buy a set (10-20 sheets) of handstamped stationery with envelopes to match?

 photo 31dayscards_zps8b890be3.jpg

My word prompt came from Kate Motaung who is doing 31 days of 5 minute free writes this month!
Five minutes of writing is about all I can squeeze in these days, but it's better than no writing!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment as I get moving again in writing and creating... (it might just benefit you at the end of our time this month)


  1. Yes, some people do. I'm in a letter writing circle now and it's almost impossible to find stationery that isn't just note cards. I remember being able to buy pads of printed paper, but haven't seen them for several years. Also... I <3 hedgehogs. I have a Pinterest board of them!

    1. hmm... maybe there is a market for stationery! I'll get right on that! :) and my hedgehogs stamps are some of my favorite!!

  2. Yes! Stationery is ridiculously difficult to find, and most that I've been able to spot has a 1-to-1 ratio of paper to envelopes. I write longer letters than that!

    1. Hurray for more people that like to write longer letters!! My mom and older sister have always been long letter writers... stationery seems to have gone the way of snail mail!! Maybe we can bring them both back!

  3. I ADORE the hedgehog. You are so talented. You go girl!

    1. The hedgehogs are some of my favorite! Thanks for cheering me on!

  4. I love snail mail for the personal touch. I know that stationery is harder to find nowadays, but I hope there will always be some die-hards who will use it.

    You are so right - it's hard to make ourselves be creative when we are at rest - but we need to do it. The benefits are worth it.


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