Thursday, October 2

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 You can't purchase what you can't see...

 photo il_570xN492939055_kenz_zps73da23cb.jpgI love to create cards and my dream is to have a successful etsy shop (or successful craft show, or a successful spot in a local store)... but I don't have the marketing skills, I don't have the business skills... (Translation: I don't have the discipline for the necessary work).

But I did something yesterday in anticipation of this month long series on my handmade cards! I added a few new cards to my shop. In reality, they are all cards I have listed before and they haven't sold, so they are still sitting in my inventory in my craft room.  But I did it, I listed some cards!!

And what to my surpise happened before dinner?!??!?! I made a sale on one of those cards!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! (just a little excited and it's just one card) Every sale gives me a boost of confidence. Every sale reaffirms in my heart that this is what I want to do. Every sale makes me wish I could afford a virtual assistant! ;)

 photo il_570xN492883990_6rd3_zpsd2c9100f.jpg

Masculine birthday cards aren't always easy to come by when you are looking handmade. But this one is simple with a touch of class... just like your dad! 

But I know that that sales won't come unless people can see them. So that means taking the time to take quality pictures and edit them, and upload them and give them a description, and take the risk to post them. I also need to share them... Social media is an awesome tool... but only if you use it, because you can't purchase my lovely cards if I don't give you a way to buy.

 photo il_570xN492939053_i0p7_zps4336b68d.jpg

The question is this: Do I upload 10 new cards to my shop in one day... or should I do one a day for 10 days in a row?

 photo 31dayscards_zps8b890be3.jpg

My word prompt came from Kate Motaung who is doing 31 days of 5 minute free writes this month!
Five minutes of writing is about all I can squeeze in these days, but it's better than no writing!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment as I get moving again in writing and creating... (it might just benefit you at the end of our time this month)

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