Thursday, July 30

Fair Trade Friday (and a giveaway!)

So I'm feeling all the feelings today, and it's one of those days where I can't make sense of the thoughts and feelings in my head. I am so excited to share the ministry of Fair Trade Friday with my readers today.  But I'm so afraid of "doing it wrong" or not doing it justice.

This ministry is so amazing that I don't even know how to share it with you. Fair Trade Friday was started by Kristen Welch as a ministry of Mercy House Kenya (also amazing). Kristen is the author of Rhinestone Jesus, a book that shares her journey of little yesses that led to some scary yesses and resulted in lives changed, girls rescued, and babies given a chance at life.

The truth is, we think that one person can't make a difference, but just like the story of the little snowflake, when we all work together, it CAN impact the world. These women depend on our purchases. One artisan said, "Tell the women in America that we need them to keep buying what we make. Tell them it is feeding my son and two daughters. Tell them not to forget us." And that is why I do what I can. One person can make a difference, when joining hands with other people to make a difference.

Our monthly budget is not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but God always meets our needs. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Fair Trade Friday club for a time. Getting my box each month was so much fun as I "oohed and aahed" over the items and then read the cards to find out more about the story of the women who made these items. To be honest, the jewelry is my favorite! Especially the earrings, so I was delighted when they came out with an "Earring of the Month" option.

The biggest reason that I love working with Fair Trade Friday, is that they are Gospel-Centered! Changing lives here on earth is good, but changing lives for eternity is so much more powerful.

The details: Fair Trade Friday is a monthly membership club that delivers high quality fair traded items to your door. The items in the box are fairly traded and provide employment to women all over the world. If you aren't ready to commit to a monthly subscription, there is an option for a one time trial box. They also have an "Earring of the Month" subscription which is currently my favorite!!

As a bonus, I am offering a giveaway of some of the items I have received in my monthly boxes/earrings. In addition, I am including a copy of Rhinestone Jesus!

Included in this giveaway is:
A copy of Rhinestone Jesus (retail $15.99)
Handmade Market Tote by Joyn (retail $12)
Blockprinted Key Chain by Joyn (retail $6)
Tears of Joy earrings by Village Artisan (retail $11.95)
Fabric bracelet by Tukula (retail $16)

Enter Here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for sharing!


  1. These are beautiful! I'd love to enter the giveaway, and I'm definitely going to check out the website for more options!

  2. Thanks for this opportunity! I have wanted to read this book for a while now. Hope I win. 😀 I just shared with a friend about Fair Trade Friday this week. I think I should go ahead and join!

  3. What I love about Fair Trade Friday, the purpose!!! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

    Tayrina from

  4. Love this ministry! I'm planning a Mercy House party with girls in our youth group. I like FTF because they are empowering women to work and support their families.

  5. Fair Trade is a beautiful ministry. I met Kristen at Declare conference last year and heard her amazing story how God led her and her family to the ministry He has for them. To see how God has touched so many lives through this ministry, I am praising Him! So thankful for all those who has been working behind the scene to empower these precious women all over the world, and in Kenya! Thank you for sharing about this ministry!


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