Friday, July 31

Five Minute Friday: Try

It's Friday and I'm actually writing another blog post! I love being back in the swing of writing and using the word prompts from Five Minute Friday!!

This Week's Prompt: TRY
I hear the word "try" and all I can think of is the famous Yoda quote...

"Do, or do not. There is not try!"

However, in my house lately the cry has been "I can't" (or more accurately, "buuuu-uuuttt, Iiiiiii caaaaa-aaaannnn't"). To which I reply, "All I'm asking is that you try!"

It's so easy to take the easy way out and say, "I can't, so I won't even try." But I'm working on teaching my kids (and myself) that you will never know if you don't even make an attempt. Sometimes all it takes is a little effort, just a small starting point, and before you know it you have done it...

learned something new
tried a new food
faced an old fear
discovered a new opportunity
made a new friend
created new artwork
succeeded over past failures.

Trying leads to doing! What have you discovered (or conquered) lately by trying?!

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  1. Great post! I love Yoda. Much wisdom has he. :) My daughter and I have the "trying" talk quite often these days. She's seven, and she can do a lot of things for herself, but sometimes (a lot) she doesn't want to. Blessings to you! Glad to meet you through Five Minute Friday! :)


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