Saturday, July 25

Five Minute Friday: Ten

I've been keeping my eye on Five Minute Friday, even though it's been almost TEN MONTHS since I last blogged. So I thought I would attempt a blog post.

Here are 10 reasons I haven't been blogging:

1. Life got busy.

2. Life got really busy.
3. Then, I got lazy.
4. The notion that I couldn't start blogging without a special relaunch of my blog complete with a redesign and lots of cool giveaways.
5. Fear
6. procrastination and laziness...
7. wanting to start with a month of prescheduled posts.
8. I figured no one missed my writing, that my story isn't that important.
9. I don't think I can sustain a regular posting schedule.
10. The Chihuahua of FEAR.

And then 10 reasons I should start blogging again:

1. Writing is good for the soul

2. I love the blogging community
3. I have some new release books that I am reading that I need to share with you all.
4. I am part of the #FTFBloggingTeam, which means I should be blogging about the awesome ministry of Fair Trade Friday.
5. I have some giveaway ideas and I know how much my few readers (is there anybody here) love giveaways!
6. I have been writing on and off over the last 10 months, I've just been too chicken/lazy to post things
7. I don't want to be a "quitter."
8. Blogging is a creative outlet and I need creative outlets.
9. I have a story to tell... We all do and story is important.
10. It only takes "5 minutes" so I should have no problem blogging!

I wanna write, I really do... am I willing to take five (or TEN) minutes?


  1. Visiting from FMF. Welcome back to writing. And tell you story! Keep writing ...

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some encouragment! #fmfparty is always a great place to start again.

  2. Love your lists. You summed up the blogging dilemma in one fell swoop. I go through similar fears, anxieties all the time - thinking things have to be perfect, be more than what they are to hit publish. So glad you spent five minutes and posted this at FMF. Let's all take the pressure off - just do and write and tell our story.


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