Thursday, October 1

When the Writing is Calling

No matter how many times, I take a break from writing, (let's be honest and call it what it is... giving up), I still feel the need to write. This desire to share my story, to process my thoughts, to encourage, to inspire, to share God's hand in my life. It keeps calling me. It keeps wooing me back. The urge to write is often present in the forefront my mind.

But it still takes a response to the call. I can put it off time and time again (as I have been known to do). Yet it is still there present in my head, always on my to do list, pricking my conscience before I go to bed. Is that possible? Can the need to write be talking to me? Maybe I've gone a little cuckoo in the months of not processing the thoughts...

Often I'm reminded that I won't become a great writer in one week, maybe not even in 31 days. But if I plant the seed and water the seed, it will eventually blossom, bear fruit and ripen.

Writing is good for the soul. Even when it's hard. Maybe more so when it's hard. So I dust off the journal and pull out my pens, or open up the blog page and run my fingers across the keyboard. And I keep trying. Because there is grace in the writing, there is hope in the trying again, there is encouragement in the conversations started.

What is it that you keep putting off? What is calling you, wooing you? What dreams, art, communities, opportunities are reaching out to you?  How can we encourage each other?  One thing I've discovered about writing, it can apply to other areas of life. Maybe my writing about writing will trigger something in your mind.

My thoughts today: Don't Quit! Listen to the yearnings that are calling you! Try, try again. And maybe, just maybe you will find some joy.

Join me as I remember what it means to be a writer again. Writing for 31 days in an attempt to find where nature and art collide in the work of writing. Click the graphic to find all my #write31days posts.


  1. I understand! I feel so restless when I don't write.

    1. Restless is the perfect word to describe how I feel when I go too long without creating or writing!! :) Thanks for stopping by

  2. I'm so glad for you! I struggle with it as well, and, as you said, it continuously draws me back.


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