Thursday, October 8

Nicely Handled

It's a short one today... Just getting in by the skin of my teeth before I head to bed. Today is one of those days when I'm getting down even if it's bad as I search for the good.

Some days it just doesn’t seem possible, this commitment to writing. There are days when I just want to give up. Quit writing, quit school, quit blogging. But just about the time that I am ready to give up, I get a little encouragement or a little reminder that I am a writer and writing is possible…

Writing is possible.

Today the encouragement came in a graded paper. It’s a funny story, ya know. How my high school English teacher is now my University literature professor, twenty years later. I have always loved her, I am always thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to learn from her. But I’ve also been a little (okay, a lot) intimidated by her. I always want to get the best grades possible.

So when my paper is returned with a B+ and the words, “Nicely handled. You write well.” You kinda wanna do a little dance and get off the couch and type another blogpost.

Just when I think that writing is not possible, I’m reminded that it is, I just have to work on it. And maybe next time the paper will be an “A.” 

Join me as I remember what it means to be a writer again. Writing for 31 days in an attempt to find where nature and art collide in the work of writing. Click the graphic to find all my #write31days posts.

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