Wednesday, October 7

My Dwelling Place

Home—what is home to you?

My home is the wide-open spaces with a gorgeous view, spectacular sunrises, plenty of wildlife, and right now, the colorful leaves of autumn. The cornfields will soon be harvested and the leaves will fall, and the view will expand to the city in the valley and the ski slopes in the distance. I think that the view is my favorite part of our current home.

Five years, I have been enjoying this space that isn’t really “mine.” We have been given a gift, a stewardship of a house and property. I thank God for this home every day. I do not take it for granted. It is not pinterest pretty or magazine ready, but it’s comfortable and I like comfortable. It is also a far cry from the 2-bedroom trailer we were crowded in.

It is home.

But while reading my Bible this morning, I was reminded of another home—not my future home in heaven, but a home I have right here, right now…

The Lord is my dwelling place. (Psalm 90:1)
The secret place of the most High is my dwelling place. (Psalm 91:1)

Yes, it is true that God the Holy Spirit lives in me (I Cor 6:19), but it is also true that I dwell in Him (John 15:4).

Home is where I am abiding in Christ, where I am dwelling with God and meditating on Him daily. It involves allowing God into the daily of my life. I feel most at home when I let God in, too.

When things get hectic, and tense, and a little unpleasant around here, when I start complaining and griping, when my focus becomes what I don’t have or what I am missing out on, then I know I need to check myself, to refocus and renew my mind, to give thanks and to tuck myself back into the hands of the One who holds me and carries me.

God is my home. And I am thankful for the blessings He loads me with daily.

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