Tuesday, October 6

Writing about writing

So I wrote something today for #write31days, but I don't like it all, so I'm pulling something out of my journal and dusting it off. More writing about writing...

How many times can you write about writing before it gets to be ridiculous? Really what I should be writing about is discipline, because if I had self-discipline maybe this writing dream wouldn't be so hard. 

I almost called it the task of writing because somewhere along the way the dream died and it became a task. But it's still a dream too. Although I have no big dreams of publishing a book, I would love to write essays that connect with others, that helps others know they are not alone. To write words that encourage, inspire, and maybe even exhort a little.

And yes, I want to write words that point others to Jesus.

I know all the right things in my head. I know that it takes actually writing to make a writer. But knowing is not enough. The next step is applying what I know, actually doing!

Maybe this would be more possible if I was disciplined--in eating right, in exercising, in making wise choices, in time spent with God, in creating, in writing.

When you work on discipline in one area of your life, it often spills over in to other areas, I just don't know which discipline to start with...

So today, I write about writing again --tomorrow, who knows?

My thoughts today: Is writing about writing a good way to find my writing voice? Do you have any topics for me to write about?

Join me as I remember what it means to be a writer again. Writing for 31 days in an attempt to find where nature and art collide in the work of writing. Click the graphic to find all my #write31days posts.


  1. Sometimes we have to think out loud and process on our blogs. For me, the joy I once felt when I use to write is hard to find these days. I think I'm tired (working mom, homeschooler, busy bee) but perhaps you could talk about how to keep the joy in our writing?

    1. Thanks so much for a good idea. I agree that I lost the joy of writing when I went back to school to be a better writer!! :) It's coming back slowly but surely!
      Praying you find rest and joy in your writing again!

  2. THAT is an amazing quote...because we really have to DO if we are going to get anywhere :). I think we find our voice through writing....on all manner of subjects!
    You have a LOT to offer the world. The experience of having 4 children in a short amount of time, being married to a man that works for a college, being brave enough to take writing classes, being creative enough to create your lovely cards, not running away when life gets CUH-RAZY...these are all the daily, "regular" activities that resonate with so MANY people out there!
    So....don;t worry so much! Just sit down and write what is on your heart because even in the messy world of "kid-dom", class assignments, and marriage...there are some lovely things you can share :)!!


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