Monday, November 1

Fighting Seasonal Affect Disorder with One Thousand Gifts

It's Monday, it's coooolllld, it's November, I saw snowflakes last night (not good news in my book), I am feeling crampy, my kids are being challenging,... but here I am being all negative when this post is supposed to be linked to Ann Voskamp's Multitude Monday.

holy experience

So, it has been a few weeks since I added to my list of One Thousand Gifts, but I know I need to get back on track and it is Thanksgiving month after all...

102. that my home has heat on cold winter days
103. a washing machine (Monday is laundry day (one of many)
104. yummy cheesy potatoes for dinner
105. starting a Thanksgiving tree with my kids this evening
106. candles, scented candles
107. and the listen on line option... Gentle Praise 
108.corn bags to heat in the microwave
109. driving down the mountain everyday to pick up my kids from school
110. Autumn in Pennsylvania (gorgeous leaves)

and to recap from some things over the last month...

111. a date with my hubby... watching,
112. Harris III and 321 Improv in Mayhem and Misdirection tour
113. painting my girls bedroom a nice soft yellow (with free paint)
114. a visit from my sister and her 2 kids
115. finding Libby's canned pumpkin on the shelves again... and stocking up!
116. getting a chance to lead my first ever cardmaking workshop... it was a blast!

117. selling some handmade notecards ... even if I can't seem to make a go of it in my Artfire shop
118. enjoying some great fellowship and food, and spiritual refreshment at our church's ladies retreat
119. Sundays
120. a Sunday with a baptism, new members added to the church, and celebrating the Lord's Table
121. Having a visit with my MOM!!!!
122. receiving a scholarship for my kids' Christian School education through Pennsylvania's EITC (education improvement tax credit) from Faith First Educational Assistance Corp.
123. making soup
124. grace, God's grace
125. making fall cutout cookies
126. carving pumpkins with the kids

127. bedtime... which is almost here!!

where do you go, what do you do when you get down in the doldrums???  Do you like fall???  ...WINTER???  How do you survive the dark at 6pm (and then 5 pm)???

1 comment:

  1. Your cards!
    And your cookies!
    You seeing beauty... and fighting for joy...

    November comes and I hear you.
    I often have soul affect disorder -- and giving thanks has changed my life.
    I am so grateful to give thanks with you.

    You see His beauty everywhere...

    All's grace,


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