Thursday, November 4

A new tradition???

Just Saturday we went to the "pumpkin farm." There are great advantages to going to buy pumpkins on the day before Halloween... we got them for $1.00 each!!  what a steal!  I want to just fill this post with a ton of pictures, but I am taking part in my3boybarians Sweet Shot Tuesday, so I will just post this one picture...

She was soo adorable, just trying to so hard to pick up pumpkins! :)

It has been a long time since I really played with my camera, the fall gives such great opportunity for camera fun, especially in the hills of Pennsylvania, but I haven't really done much.  And now it is supposed to snow this weekend....and I do NOT go out in the cold. But I might be inspired just so I can take part in Sweet Shot Tuesday again!!


  1. Popping in from M3B, I love the expression on her face. It is so cute! Fall leaves always make for great photo backgrounds. I'm like you, I don't go out in the cold. But for Sweet Shot Tues, I just might. ;)

  2. She is thinking "Oh, this is sooooo heavy!":-)


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