Monday, November 15


This is the month of November, the month of giving thanks, the month to focus on all the good that has happened, the time to begin giving more....  but for some reason I am really struggling this month.  I don't know why. I have plenty to be thankful for, but for some reason I am looking for something "meaningful" to be thankful about.  I want to "wow" someone with my gratitude... How selfish am I???  So today, I am going to try to give thanks in the mundane of life over the last two weeks...

holy experience

128.The right to vote and the ability to do so
129. Starting a "Thanksgiving Tree" with my kids
130. Frozen cookie dough to quickly make cookies for Awana Wednesday night
131. sunshine
132. things accomplished
133. coffee (can I say this one more than once?)
134. talks with friends attached car garage on cold and rainy days (this was from 2 weeks ago, gonna enjoy it again tomorrow)
136. candlelight
137. my husband's new position at work... so excited for how excited he is!!
138. apple cider
139. dinner out at Vincenzo's ... delicious pizza
140. surprising my friend at First Friday Scranton
141. Peppermint Latte from Starbucks ...
142. in a RED CUP!!!  :)
143. simple birthday parties
144. fellowship with friends
145. laundry... because it means we have clothes to wear
146. dishes... because it means we have food to eat
147. bathtime with little kids... because it means I have kids
148. a chance to make hand stamped note cards.
149. and donate them to the Mercy House Shop to benefit the Mercy House Kenya
150. attending a wedding shower ... love the excitement!  :)
151. listening to my 4YO sing a made up song all the way to church (25 minutes)  :)
152. yummy chicken cheddar soup
153. tea with a friend
154. having the money to pay the bills
155. finally adjusting the time change
156. Mom's Alive... fellowship, encouragement from God's Word, food, prayer
157. WARM fall days for my kids to enjoy the playground
158. seeing Christmas lights up already
159. lighting my Spruce tree candle
160. having fun with my kids... this is all too rare!
161. Veteran's Day... giving thanks for all those who serve and sacrifice for our freedoms
162. walking to my mailbox and back... a whole mile of exercise!!
163. FINALLY getting a babysitter, after searching and asking all week long!!
164. the excitement of where our ABF at church is headed in caring like the body of Christ should!!
165. having my babysitter do my dishes, too!!!
166. 60 degree weather in November
167. chicken on the grill!!
168. having the Ohio cousins visit
169. having the Buffalo Bills win a football game... hehe!
170. when TV shows reference Twitter... it just cracks me up
171. staying up too late, but blogging


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