Friday, January 28

Blizzard Blog Hop

Well, it has been a week since I have blogged... so I needed some incentive... The Blizzard Blog Hop was just what I needed!

I have been wasting too much time on Twitter the last few days enjoying all the tweets on #Blissdom and while I have been blogging on and off for over 6 years, I don't feel quite qualified for a blogging conference, so it's fun to just watch and learn from others!!  (and wonder how they do it!)

So my "About Me" post still isn't done, even after all this time, so I guess I will just tell you a little bit about myself.  I am thinking my blogging is struggling because I haven't found my "niche" yet... anybody wanna help me???

I started blogging over on Xanga all those years ago, before blogging was cool, as an outlet. I was a new stay-at-home mom, and I used it to share stories and pics of my baby to long distance family... over the years it has ebbed and flowed, and now I want to narrow my focus and make it a blog worth subscribing to! :)  Recently I switched to blogger and I am still trying to figure it all out!!

Here are some of the things I love.... counting my blessings, taking pictures,

crafting handmade/handstamped notecards, (and maybe someday selling them on a larger scale)

learning to enjoy my husband and children,

learning from Scripture, connecting with other moms and other crafters.

So if you are interested in helping me find my niche, or just becoming friends... feel free to subscribe!!  and hopefully I will get a chance to check out all the Blizzard Blog Hop posts over at Household 6 Diva!

PS... I also haven't figured out the best way to reply to all the nice comments I get, so know that I love and read every comment I get(and if you can help me reply, let me know!)


  1. Nice to meet you. You have a beautiful family.

  2. I'd say blogging for 6 years qualifies you! lol it looks fun, I had never heard of the conference until this week, I JUST started blogging this month and have been loving it. Nicet to meet you! Oh and to reply, just leave a comment on your own post :) (that's what I do anyway) xo

  3. It is awesome to get to know and meet new people this way! Nice to meet you! I am your newest follower and beautiful family- come check out my site at when you have a moment!

  4. I started on XANGA too - I loved meeting moms like me in the Xanga "blog rings" LOL and then met even more moms in my blogger blog and now I am on wordpress.

    oh and to reply - If the person commenting has their email attached to their blogger profile (like I do) when you read the comment in your inbox, just hit reply and it will email them. You can try it with my comment. But some people don't put their email address in their profile so it doesn't work 100% of the time. (then there are others that comment without a blogger profile and it won't work that way either)

    Replying to comments is one reason I switched to - but blogger is a fun platform :)

  5. So nice to find you through the blog hop, I have been blogging six almost seven years. So I feel you but trust me you are just as qualified to go to a conference as an of those women. Hope you find the time to stop by

  6. what a sweet family you have! love the blog. thanks for stopping by my place! have an amazing weekend!

  7. ugh, I'm still trying to find my niche also. Some people just seem to have this fantastic niche and they go gung ho. I'm all over the place and feel like that's why I FAIL as a blogger. My blog started off as soley a Christian book review blog. Then last summer I realized "blogging" was so much more than what I was doing. I still feel like I'm missing that "key" element to make me a spectacular blogger. LOL Sigh... Your kids are adorable and you and your DH look great together!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words #224 from the blog hop

  8. Just stopping by from Locomotion of Expressions! Found you on a blog hop! Now following! Please follow me via GFC back and lets grow each others ratings!! Cute stuff! xo
    I'm a navy wife (submariner) and I am a pull no punches kinda girl. I say whats on my mind, and that's just me!
    I have a lot of active giveaways RIGHT NOW! (13 at last count! .. all low entry!) So drop on over and follow because there are many more to come, plus I blog about our life too! (When I have the time!) Ty for reading this, have a great night!


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