Friday, January 21

Karate Kid...

or People Watching (in Five Minutes)


So, I took my son to karate this week. Normally it's my husband's job but he wasn't feeling well... so I went.  Quite the interesting group of kids that are in his class... but my favorite of all is the tiniest little girl you ever did see!!  She has adorable brown hair up in a cute girlie hair thing (my girls hate stuff in their hair).  She swims in the uniform and it looks like the belt could go around her 3-4 times!  but she's got the moves.  Mostly they are just learning the drills at this point, but I hate to see the day she knocks my son over with a karate kick!

As adorable as she is, she is going to need some defensive moves someday... good thing she is learning young.

I am out of words... which is good because now I am out of time!


This post is in response to Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday Challenge...

I did better last week.


  1. I can see her!!
    Great post!

  2. What a sweetheart! Thanks for painting her with your words for us!

  3. lol... I love it! Nice Word picture of her. :)

  4. She sounds like quite a little fireball!


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