Tuesday, January 18

Getting to know my camera in 2011

As I said last week, I am attempting at least one photo a day for the year.  Some days it's easy and I have a hard time just picking one to post in my facebook album... other days, I am getting ready for bed and realize I haven't taken a picture yet!! :)  but I am still managing so far.  I have looked at the other settings on my camera and even taken a few shots while NOT on auto setting, but I really don't know what I am doing... do you think I can find my manual 4 years later???

So this week, I found Brooke McGlothlin and she is blogging about her adventures of a #PhotoNewbie!  I am linking up with her today!

I have a few to share from this past week.

This one, where I actually wasn't on auto setting... don't ask me what setting I was on, because I DON'T KNOW!!!  I am linking this photo up to Sweet Shot Tuesday, because chocolate chip muffins are so sweet! (and so are snowmen muffin cups)

and this one... just because she is SO cute... and I didn't use the flash!  I am getting a little better at holding my hands steady.

and this one... just because I like my new platter from Dayspring

and these two... because I love to make handmade cards and it isn't a post if I don't mention it somewhere!!

so what am I learning about my camera????  I hate it and I love it.  sometimes I forget to "enjoy the moment" because I am too busy trying to get the perfect picture, but other times I capture something that just makes me grin and I love it again...

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