Monday, January 10

Multitude Monday

 Wow, what a week... filled with 1,000s of gifts... here are a few!

234. a little date with my little Ella... her love language is quality time!
235. a cup full of whipped cream at Starbucks for my sweet girl... she had so much fun!

236. warm sunny days, that make my sun porch warmer than the rest of my house.
237. sitting on my sun porch, soaking in the sunshine, reading the Psalms ...during naptime!
238. taking part in Living Proof Ministries' Siesta Scripture Memory Team... check it out, it's not too late to join in!
239. making the time to use my stamps and craft area... having soo much fun creating new cards!
240. God's grace as we readjusted to back to school schedule!!  I had a very hard time.
241. crockpot dinners
242. Ghirardelli coffee
243. hugs and kisses from my ever-forgiving children when I make mistakes!!
244. Snow... finally some measurable snow! :)

245. clear roads when I had to pick my kids up from school!
246. sledding with my kids on Saturday... and loving it!!!  Seriously, I lasted longer than they did! :)

247. hot chocolate and candy canes
248. hand-stamping valentines

249. Sunday mornings at church
250. hearing a ministry report from on of our missionaries
251. salvation testimonies and baptisms of 5 teenagers
252. laughter... even in church!!!
253. a candlelit soaky bath!!
254. a dear husband who has done lots and lots of dishes this week!!

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  1. I love reading all of the One Thousand Gifts posts...I love seeing the beauty in the everyday. And any time there is Starbucks that is a gift :)


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