Tuesday, January 11

Project 365, Top Ten Tuesday, and Sweet Shot Tuesday

... so can I combine them all in one post????

I decided I wanted to do Project 365, where you take one picture every day for a year... I am sure there are going to be days I am going to forget, and some of the pictures might be really dumb, or I might take pictures of the same things over and over again, but hopefully it will still be fun and I will improve in my picture taking (like maybe quit using my auto setting).  but so far I am doing it,

Top Ten {Tuesday}

So in honor of Top Ten Tuesday I am going to share my FIRST ten pictures of 2011...
 January 1... a gorgeous warm day, perfect for airing the bedding (in the distance are the ski slopes)

 January 2... a date with my little girl at Starbucks... her cup was full of whip cream! :)

January 3... and already it's the end of the day before I remembered to take a picture, so a shot of one of my sleeping beauties!!

January 4 ... one of my handstamped creations, a handmade notecard for any occasion, you can help me decide.

January 5 ... took my camara on the gorgeous route to pick up my kids from school and my camera battery was dying... this was the ONLY picture I took while trying to make it work!

January 6 ... my little girl became a willing model and showed me a whole bunch of poses... apparently she has a little sass in her! This is also the one I am choosing for Sweet Shot Tuesday, because this little girl can be such a sweetie!!

January 7 ... another shot of scenery, this one a cemetery from a long ways away, with my 12x zoom!

January 8 ... SLEDDING, this is my youngest, not quite 3 YO, sledding down the hill with her arms way up in the air (I see a rollercoaster lover in my future).  We had soo much fun, one of my #1000gifts that I am counting.

January 9... I have been stamping a lot more this year (another one of my goals) so there might be a lot of pictures of my creations.  These here are adorable little Conversation Heart Valentines that would be perfect for classroom valentines... (little self promotion... you can buy them HERE)
January 10... another last minute, late night shot of one of my new Christmas decorations.  This year, I am choosing JOY, so I might just leave it out all year long.

So Tuesday is almost over, but here it is... Sweet Shot Tuesday and Top Ten Tuesday all wrapped up with Project 365!


  1. I think the last shot is my favorite! Love the light coming out like that!

  2. There is such JOY in that sledding photo :) I love it! I also love the angle & the fact that she's not perfectly centered. It's so fun! Can I go sledding now?

  3. I love all your pictures, especially the one with your sassy daughter!


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