Monday, February 28

counting blessings... even when you don't feel like it!

I almost didn't add to my #1000gifts list this week... it was just your average week of ups and downs... and when I sat down to type, my mind was drawing a blank.  you see, I know that God has been good to me, and that He has lavished me with gifts this week, but today I am moping... wishing that I was a writer and could write poetically.  I also knew that I wasn't going to get linked up to Ann Voskamp's Multitude Monday until it was almost Tuesday, which means not many people would click over to my page... but I KNOW that it isn't about people reading my blog, it is about me giving glory to God in all things... the mundane, the victories, the heartache, whatever!  So here I am trying to plunk out a few more gifts on my list!

353. teaching my 7 year old how to tie his shoe (yes, I am a slacker mother)
354. fresh snow (which is all gone now, thanks to rain)
355. grilled turkey and cheese on Rye Bread
356. Washing machines,
357. grocery stores,
358. libraries,
359. my 5 & 7YO washing and drying the dishes (and the 4YO getting her hands wet)
360. winning a Free Dominos pizza on twitter!
361. coffee and conversation with friends... TWICE
362. Shamrock shake from McDonald's
363. making muffins for breakfast when there is a 2-hr delay!
364. remembering 5 years ago
365. Foil-packet crockpot tilapia, Parmesan couscous, roasted vegetables for dinner
366. watching Cosby show reruns on Netflix .... I laughed and laughed!!
367. seeing God's creation in our back field... even if it's scary coyote!!
368. watching my son test in Karate... and remember more than I thought he would!
369. being the "tooth fairy" ... and having my son say "I think I know who the tooth fairy is"
270. Teeccino
271. commissioning a young couple from our church, now working with Vision for Youth in Michigan
272. getting both my bathrooms clean today!
273. family laughter around the dinner table tonight!!
274. using my twitter feed to remember the gifts I received this week!!

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  1. We are so similar, in that we worry about our writing. Your blog posts are great. They read very fluidly and aren't just fluff. They are full of substance and follow you in my feed. I'd hop over here and read at anytime of the day! I didn't teach either of my boys howto tie their shoes until they were in the double digits. I kid you not. Thanks to velcro shoes and slip-ons, we didn't have the need. They do know how, but still wear a lot of the laceless shoes. I love me some Shamrock shake action! Yumm-E! My kids have been watching the Cosby's on netflix too! They were so excited, because my husband and I had talked all about the show with them. Ah, yes, the tooth fairy days. I miss those! Keeping writing, I love reading!


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