Tuesday, March 1

Top Ten Handmade cards

I started blogging on Xanga back before blogging was popular (2004 to be exact)  Last June, I made the switch to Blogger with the intention of using this blog to showcase my handmade cards, to provide exposure for my online card shop, and to participate in crafting challenges meant to inspire me.  While I have done that to some degree, I haven't posted cards as often as I wanted to!! ... so for Top Ten Tuesday, here are 10 of my favorite handmade cards that I have made over the years!!

okay, just went through my files... gonna have a hard time just picking TEN!! :)  in no particular order...

1. Happy Birthday!! in bright orange and blue, with a matching envelope!!

2. Baby boy card...  I just love ribbon and brads!!

3. Best Wishes... great for weddings, showers, anniversaries!!

4. Christmas thankyou ... although it can be remade in other colors for any time of year.  I donated some to the Mercy House Shop

5. Get Well Soon... with glitter and embossing!!!

6. Gift Card holders... I found this idea somewhere on the 'net, but can't remember where!  I had so much fun making these for my family this Christmas!! {edit to add... I found it and want to give credit where due... found it on StampTVblog}

7. a set of winter Thankyous... this card can be remade with any sentiment!  I loved how the embossing makes it shine!!

8. A Valentine with Scripture... I just LOVED the way this one turned out, and I had a friend order 6 for her friends!!  :)  Remembering True Love!

9. another thank you note... smashing with black and white and a splash of pink!! I loved adding the paper ribbon to make a matching envelope, too!!

10. A special order for my aunt... personalized with her intitials!!

and as a bonus... here is one of my MOM's Favorites... she and my sister are the only ones that "keep me in business" at this point!!  she loves my hedgehog stamps!

and for my little sister who is expecting her first, I am making a batch of these in boy colors for her baby shower!!!

If you like my cards, stop by and "like" my facebook page to see more, and to find out when I make new cards!

ps... I would love some feedback... compliments, criticisms, ideas, etc!


  1. I love your cards! You do such a lovely job on them. The #9. Thank You note and the one with the little hedgehog Hello, are my favs!

  2. Hey saw your commment on WLW and I feel some of those same things too... BUT I'm asking my husband if I can go and I really want to encourage you to speak up and ask yours what he thinks, if its the Lord's will you go, then I think you'll be surprised by his response! I hope we both go and I can see you there!

  3. Julie...I LOVE your cards! and feel like a dummy that I didn't know you had a blog. Will be following you now :)
    Do you sell to people in say, Iowa?

  4. Oh, they are all so wonderful! Love a handwritten note, especially on a handmade card. I always encourage my kids to make their own cards. My favorites are the best wishes and special order-very classy!

  5. I LOVE the baby Thank Yous! I can't wait!!


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