Friday, February 18

friendship in five minutes


So, can you really talk about friendship in five minutes???  My mind has been a jumble lately, and I really didn't want to do this #FiveMinuteFriday, but I am always looking for blog ideas, and Lisa-Jo hands me one every Friday.... cause that's what FRIENDS do! :)

Friends ...the one I grew up with, we talked about boys, fought over boys, had sleepovers, had the best of times, had the worst of fights, we have both moved away from home... and thanks to Facebook, we are still friends!

Friends ... my junior high friend... best of friends for ONE year and then she moved away, we wrote letters and visited each other a few times... and then we lost touch!!  I still think about her ALL the time

Friends ... college years, I forged new paths, broke out of my shell a little bit and made friends that ... thanks to facebook, we still keep in touch

Friends ... the ones I have now, my mom friends, they know what I am going through, they understand, we share laughter and tears and most importantly PRAYERS

Friends ... the older women in my life who mentor me, keep me accountable, love me and pray for me

and Friends... the ones I have never met, but I still love to exchange words with on Twitter and blogs


not enough time to talk about friends!!

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