Tuesday, February 1

A Saturday in my life

I have been taking at least one photo a day for the year of 2011... but then I saw this little idea and decided I wanted to join in... so today's post is linked with Simply Rebekah's  A Day in the Life... 


These photos were taken Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 ish... the kids finally got restless and I rolled over enough to take a picture of the clock!  Hubby gets up with the kids, starts cartoons and crashes on the couch, while I get to stay in bed!!

8 ish... I had to get out of bed and throw some clothes on, so I could take another picture (couldn't have 2 pics in bed now!)  I tried some self portraits but hated them, so ventured out to the kids... they weren't too willing either!

9 ish Breakfast!!!  Pancakes every Saturday morning made by Daddy!!  This here is my little independent, just turned 3 YO, who wanted to spread her Peanut Butter, all by herself!!

10 ish ... vacuuming!!  Seriously?!??!  who puts a CARPET in the dining room!  I am soo thankful to this house that God has allowed us to live in for the time being, but I am seriously hoping that we can maybe change this to hardwood floor!!

Sweet Shot Day11 ish ... quiet time at Starbucks!  My 5YO is at ballet class, and I had 45 minutes to myself with nothing to do!  and God allowed me to forget my iPod Touch, so I would not get distracted from spending some time with Him! (and because time with God and drinking coffee is my happy place... I am linking this photo up to Sweet Shot Tuesday)

12 ish... my son (in the red) outside in the snow, playing with the neighbor boys... he LOVES having boys to play with!

1 ish ...enjoying a homemade latte... made by my sweet husband!  (yes, I am addicted to coffee)

2 ish ... spending the afternoon trying to hang a window scarf in a way that looked nice.  once again, many thanks to my great hubby for all his hard work!!

3 ish   My son finally came in for some hot chocolate and marshmallows of course!

4 ish ... a broken toybox that is bursting at the seams!  The girls and I emptied it and sorted toys and pieces and left it empty so that (MY AWESOME) hubby could fix it!!  p.s. I also threw away some pieces, papers and stuff!!

5 ish  Time to make dinner, with the help of my 5YO

6 ish  Homemade Skyline Chili. My hubby got involved with my project and took a picture of his plate.

6:30 ish... my dishes from the day... man, I miss my dishwasher!!

7:30 ish ...washed and ready for bed, playing a little Wii before bed!

This tweet around 9:30 ish... reminded me that I quit taking pictures once the kids had gone to bed!!

and 10:30 ish... back to bed and snuggled in. What a fun and busy day!

PS picture ... a new bedside light that my husband put up as well... he had a busy day!!

And working on this post has reminded my that I haven't yet taken a picture today!! I made it through the month of January every day, so I don't want to miss the first day of February for Project 365!!


  1. I love how you've captured all the moments in your day! That's great! My favorite is Starbucks & time with God. Truly amazing. Hope you're having a great week! xx

  2. Aww! I love it! Every time I look at someone else's day it makes me hungry! Now you have me craving lattes and chili dogs. *stomach growl*

    I'm curious about something. What are your thoughts on toy boxes? I need to organize my little one's toys, but I've heard mixed feelings about toy boxes.

    PS. It warmed my heart to see my tweet in your post! :)

  3. What a great idea!! Love it...

  4. Hubby is smart to put up lamp on wall. Makes for more room on bedside table, less cluttery! Good for you for forgetting iPod and remembering God!


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