Friday, April 15

On Distance

It's Friday again.. and that means Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama!!  which is all I have, because I have plans to spend in my "studio" creating notecards today!!

Today's Prompt is On Distance


I could take this the route of the distance between my husband and I right now... He is in Florida for a work conference and my kids and I miss him very much... hurry home!!

But instead, I am going with my current living situation... which I wouldn't change for the world right now.  We used to live in a 2 bedroom trailer, which wasn't a problem when it was just my and my hubby... then we had our son... and then a daughter, and then another daughter, and then another daughter!!!  and suddenly it got crowded!  The nice place about our trailer was that we were seriously 5 -8 minutes from ANYTHING!!!  Church, work, school, Target, Aldi, Wegmans, friend's houses, EVERYTHING!

Then God provided us a home... 3 bedrooms, finished basement, 2 car garage and ACRES of land to run and play on... it's in the country! :)  It takes me AT LEAST 15 minutes to get anywhere... 20 minutes for some things! and we drive our kids to school and one is 1/2 day kindergarten... so that makes for a lot of trips into town. Add in AWANA Wednesday nights, and Karate Thursday nights and I have been doing a lot of travel the past 2 days (normally, my husband handles some of those trips... I can't wait till he gets home... and the distance between us is inches (or less).

However, I am learning to love the distance... the scenery on our many car rides is gorgeous... country living! And I love it (except when I am running late)


Five minutes is not very long at all ... sorry for the ALL CAPS and exclamation points. does that mean I am passionate?  also... how far do you live from your "hub"??

Go, read some more 5 minute posts "On Distance" and then go write one of your own... it only takes 5 minutes! :)

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  1. Hi! I know all about distance. We live in the country...outside a very small town. Driving is what we do best! There is so much to enjoy and I almost always consider it a privilege to see a tiny bit that God has created & sustains.

    Be blessed!


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