Friday, May 6


Motherhood should come with....

more moments like this!

Okay, in reality, just gettting that video uploaded alone took me more than five minutes, but here is my 5 minute addition!

This week has been insane!! Here is the short story! Our Van is in the shop. our other car does NOT hold 6 people. 3 of the kids are signed up for swim lessons on Monday and Wednesday. Thursday, Friday evenings had ballet recital practice for my 6 year-old.  We have to transport our kids back and forth to school (8AM dropoff, 11:30 K pickup, 2:45 2nd grade pickup) and my husband has to go to work! and somewhere in there grocery shopping had to be done! Everything has come together, God is even in these details, but my brain is overloaded trying to make all the connections!

Then we got the news that the van is going to cost more to repair than it is worth. So now I am looking at another week... or two... or three... of  this crazy schedule!!  and now we have to go buy a vehicle that will hold our whole family... would you pray for me that I would leave it in God's hands and trust my husband to handle it... (instead of nagging, whining, complaining... etc)?  

So today, I wish that Motherhood came with an affordable, decent size van/SUV!!

Also, because of my crazy week... I am not doing so hot on the 31DaystoClean schedule, or my 3 in 30 goals ... maybe next week.

This is a pathetic attempt to link up to The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday ... go check out all the great submissions here...


  1. This is not a pathetic attempt to link up with The Gypsy Mama. This is a real post, by a real mom, who has a busy life, great kids and a van that doesn't work. Throw into the mix the cost of living these days, gas prices and then a repair charge that exceeds said van's value and you got a mom in the thick of it reaching for an olive branch. I will pray for you and I too wish that motherhood came with an affordable van as well. Driving my old '91 Caravan with the slipping transmission I can totally relate. Hang in there, God is in the details and He will provide.

  2. Oh and I love the video!!!! So glad you took extra time to upload it.

  3. I agree that your post is not pathetic at all! It's REAL! Life and motherhood is right there in those chaotic, stressful, overwhelming moments and challenges, and I love that you are able to see God in the midst of it all! I pray you are able to manage all that is on your plate right now, and that things ease for you soon! Glad to be here today!

  4. Keep plugging, Julie Anne! I am in the same boat as you. Your post just made me glad to kow that I wasn't the only person feeling the frustration of being behind!

  5. Absolutely not pathetic!! My heart is so going out to you because I soooo understand. Also, don't look at it as being behind. You're not! :)


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