Thursday, May 19

WOW, what a week!

I started this blog a few days ago... but am just having a hard time being thankful, which is awful because I have soo much to be thankful for.  I find it easiest to share some of my thanks with some of my pictures over the last week... which was almost 2 weeks ago now.

I feel like I experienced 2 weeks in the last week... and not necessarily in a good way.  However, I know that God is still giving me gifts every day, and I will continue to count them in my attempt to live a life of thanksgiving!!  The May calendar print out does not seem to be working for me, so I may have to go back to the 7 gifts booklet that Ann Voskamp so graciously shared with us!! :)

578. Chinese takeout for Mother's Day dinner
579. little girls in pigtails
580. little girls in WHITE Sunday dresses and BLACK muddy snow boots! :)
581. Hubby doing dishes for Mother's Day
582. Bedsheets hanging on the line to dry... although I won't be doing that again during allergy season!
 583. Sunday dresses drying in the breeze.

584. A little after-school snack for me and the kids... picked up from the Mom/Pop grocery store at the bottom of our hill.

585. dinner at Panera Bread, all by myself.
586. buying annual flag t-shirts from Old Navy for Memorial Day Parade! :)
587. finding an old inhaler... just when I needed it!
588. a new nephew... although he will probably be 2 months old before I get my hands on him... I am not sure how long pictures will be enough! :(

589. An incredible school concert... we have a great music teacher!
590. The cutest Kindergarten class ever
591. My little girl singing brave and strong
 592. My big little boy singing with enthusiasm!
593. Knowing that God can work in my kids' lives, even when I feel like a failure as a parent
594. Friends who are willing to walk this parenting journey with me
595. Discipline
596. smiles on my kids face, even after a hard day
597. No rain for the school walk-a-thon
598. homemade chocolate chip cookies... made by my hubby!
599. a 3YO's attempt to take care of her pet! :)
600. more "Wildlife" on the farm! :)

601. Spending some time in my craft room... making this card for a special order!
602. Reviewing my #1000gifts... even a few days late!

I am normally a very punctual person... but lately I just can't seem to get ahead, so here's my Multitude Monday post... on Thursday!

and because I review my week in pictures, linking up to:
Insta-Friday at Life. rearranged


  1. Hi there, welcome to blogging, or if you have blogged elsewhere before, happy grand opening here or something like that:) Isn't it nice being able to hang up your laundry outside, although it looks rather windy!
    Have a lovely weekend! found you on the insta friday blog hop.

  2. Hopped over from Life Rearranged! LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 YO pet care. You are funny. Praying things will start to get less hectic/crazy for you and that you continue learning through it all!

  3. found your post from life rearranged. clothes hanging on the line bring back memories of my grandma. have a great week.

  4. It is hard to be intentionally thankful for things! Great job!! I love the boots w/ the white dress too :) and the card you made is a-dorable!


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