Monday, June 27

13 years!

Today, I am just giving thanks for God's Blessings on my life for the last 13 years... Today, I am celebrating my anniversary!!  Today, I am thankful for God's grace in our lives!!

just counting some gifts with pictures from the past....  I spent way too much time reminiscing looking through old photos on my computer!!  No wonder it takes me so long to blog! don't have many pictures on the computer before 2003 :)
 13 years ago!!  :)

NYC 2002

Williamsburg 2002

 Wes' brother's wedding 2003

Christmas 2003
 Wes gets his Masters May 2004

Adding another kid 2005
 and another 2006
and another 2008
(photo credit DarkerShadesofBrown)

July 2010

 Festival of Ice 2011
 enjoying a 4 wheeler ride 2011
  Memorial Day 2011
 Florida trip 2011

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart... looking forward to lots more pictures and memories!!

Thanking God for the gifts with...


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Great pictures! :-)

  2. sweet! What great pictures

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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