Tuesday, June 28

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Totally craving chocolate right now... and I have none in my house... okay, that is not entirely true, I just don't have any quick and easy Dove Dark Chocolate Promises, which are soo easy to indulge in without overdoing it.  This prompted me to see if I could come up with my top 10 favorite forms of chocolate...

1. Dove Dark Chocolate ...seriously so delightful, smooth, creamy, a lot of taste in a little square!!

2. Betty Crocker Fudge brownies... I could eat a whole pan!

3. Oreos... seriously is there anything better?

4. Chocolate milk... made with LOTS of Hershey's syrup of course!!

5. GOOD chocolate ice cream ... bonus if there is peanut-butter and fudge swirled inside.

6. Nutella ... hazelnuts and chocolate make a dynamite combination!

7. chocolate covered pretzels... I love, love, love the sweet and salty combination

8. ... Oh My WORD! I can't think of 10 forms of chocolate, what is wrong with me???!?!?!  OH, Homemade Chocolate Frosting... love to make it, love to eat it, feeling the need to make a cake right now, just so I can have some!!

9. Chocolate covered orange creams or raspberry creams ... but it must be DARK chocolate

10. Hot fudge on a sundae... Oh, I am craving some chocolate right now, and I think it is just because I have no Dove Dark Chocolate in the house right now... :(

So tell me, what is YOUR favorite form of chocolate???

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  1. Oh, I just adore Nutella! On warm bananas is my favorite.
    My husband just got back from a work trip to Europe, and he brought me Belgium chocolate. That stuff is heaven in a tiny little truffle!!! So very, very good!
    Stopping in from Oh Amanda's!

  2. I'm with you on the chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirled in. I think I'm gonna run to the store now...


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