Wednesday, June 29

Fun on the farm

Okay, I know it is Wednesday, but I really want to work on my photography, and that includes linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday with My3Boybarians.  Plus there is an awesome giveaway for one participant... so I must participate!! :)
Sweet Shot Day
Here are a few pictures of some of the fun we have living out here in the country!! and the fun I have photographing my kids and their excitement... (one posed shot and one action shot of 3 of my 4 kids)

and for some reason, only 3 of them rode past me with Daddy... don't know why the 4th didn't take a spin!!  My kids have an awesome Dad... and I have an awesome husband... I did get a ride, too, but no pictures this time!! :)  I love riding the 4 wheeler with Wes!!! :)

So my photography readers... any suggestions, criticisms, praise??!?!!

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