Monday, June 6

So thankful for the SUN

641. Annual family picture at Memorial Day parade
642. great weather for the parade
643. lots of candy for the kids (I know they are thankful for it! :)
644. cookout picnic with friends
645. first bonfire and smores of the season
646. haircuts for little girls (although I will miss the long blond ponytails!)
647. little girls with wavy, curly, humid hair after naps!

648. Celebrating my first born son!!
649. Grandma taking the kids to Ohio for a week
650. neighbor checking in on the cat and chickens for a week
651. getting through airport security with baby nail clippers in my bag... OOPS!
652. quick and uneventful flights!!
653. watching little towns, buses, pools, etc. from WAY up high!!
654. Sunshine and HOT temps in Tampa!
655. getting together with cousins!!
656. little Jackson giving me a "Photo of the Day"
657. fresh fruit for breakfast
658. Palm Trees... just makes me feel like I'm in paradise!
659. having fun with my hubby... enlarge the pic to see the cool shades on the monument! :)
 660. Home made hostess cupcake... mmm, good!!
661. Kissing my hubby!!
662. wearing "My Husband Rocks" tshirt from Union 28 ... the comments I get are soo much fun!
 663. dinner at Rapscallions ... recently featured on Man vs. Food
664. a beautiful new sea glass bracelet!!  :)
665. tourists who offer to take a picture of Wes and me together!! :)
666. Great Greek food!!  Yum, Souvlaki and Gyros!!!  lemon potatoes, and tortillas w/ hummus!
667. talking to our kids on the phone for a few minutes!
668. watching the sunset from our hotel room!
669. made-to-order omelets for breakfast!
670. soaking in some sun poolside!!
671. a week alone with my hubby!!

so much to be thankful for...

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