Monday, July 11

Cup Overflowing

Oh, the week I have had... oh, the time I have spent focused on seeing God in the moments; or looking back to see where I missed him... Oh, the finding him in the Ugly Beautiful.  Soo much counting this week and while some of it may bore you, I must type it out, must share it to give my God the praise!

768. perfect over-easy eggs... made by my husband!!
769. air conditioned vans
770. trains going through towns
771. visiting Hershey Gardens

772. taking lots and lots of pictures

773. seeing things through the eyes of a child (do you see an elephant or Snuffleupagus?)

774. butterfly chairs

775. butterfly garden

776. Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum in rock slippers
777. my 3YO LOVING the hotel pool

778. a most delicious dinner at Chocolate Avenue Grill
779. Chocolate World tour (my kids loved getting cooked)

780. free chocolate samples

781. Preview night at Hershey Park
782. watching my kids have fun over and over again
783. horses that go up and down on carrousels

784. carrousel music

785. Fireworks on July 4th

786. Patriotic marches on the radio
787. Freedom living in America
788. all things Red White and Blue

789. parking lots
790. brake lights (did I mention it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot?)
791. kids falling asleep in the car

792. sunscreen
793. water bottles
794. dressed up chocolate characters

795. the thrill of a roller coaster
796. Merry Derry Dip fun slides

797. short lines

798. kissing tower

799. souvenir penny machines
800. enjoying a kid-sized coaster ... multiple times!

801. grandparents/grandkids holding hands

802. cranky, whiny 3YO, 4YO, 6YO, 8YO ... and adults
803. working on patience
804. kids ability to make new friends
805. sharing food and drinks all day
806. memories made at Hershey Park

807. fresh waffles
808. cocoa in coffee
809. Chapter 7 of One Thousand Gifts
810. working on heavenly focus
811. little kids naming stuffed animals
812. war memorials
813. the State Capitol building

814. fountains

815. husband whistling at me from across the Capitol complex :)

816. clean porta pottys
817. history of Pennsylvania

818. history of Civil War

819. fast drying shorts (when my daughter peed on me)
820. souvenir shops (parasols and muskets)
821. crosswalks
822. jewelry
823. kids napping in the car
824. hotel pools
825. Papa John's garlic dipping sauce
826. Wesley buying me a latte before bed

827. siblings sweet sharing
828. whipped cream on French Toast
829. tasting jam samples

830. a break in traffic
831. back country roads

832. working on gratitude
833. returning home to familiar roads
834. playing with souvenir toys
835. little girls staying up too late telling each other princess stories
836. memories of my childhood sister time
837. benefits of married life
838. sleeping in my own bed

839. washing machines to do gobs of laundry
840. peace and quiet
841. time in the Psalms
842. raucous yelling of children
843. hearing of a friend's adoption crossing another hurdle
844. kids doing dishes
845. seeing a hawk? or falcon? close up

846. sleeping in
847. enjoying my swing
848. simple lunches
849. the smell of the grill
850. grocery shopping alone
851. replenishing my Dove Dark Chocolate stash!
852. next day's dinner in the crockpot before bed

853. voting in a new lead pastor
854. singing worship songs with my kids
855. hearing of God's blessing in Bangladesh
856. a do nothing Sunday afternoon
857. not crying with change of plans

woohoo... almost added 100 gifts to my list of One Thousand this week... getting closer!  If you want to join in with counting your gifts, please do and link up with Ann Voskamp!


  1. Love the pictures. Love that you didn't cry. Can't wait to see everyone next week! Love you

  2. WHAT a list! So full of lovely, most beautiful moments! Popping in from over at Multitude Mondays.

    Much Love & Blessings,
    Our Simple Country Life


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