Wednesday, July 13

I know it's Wednesday

I know it's Wednesday... but I didn't have my computer yesterday, and I am not good at planning ahead, so I don't schedule my posts at all; some day, I would like too! :) so this is my Tuesday post...

Sweet Shot Day

I love to participate in Sweet Shot Tuesday, and I really thought that working on Prject365 this year would motivate me to play around with my camera some, but it really hasn't... in fact I need to go take a picture of ... something today!!  I think of Sweet Shot Tuesday as something out of the ordinary, not just my plain jane run of the mill pictures, after all, there are some serious photographers that link up to this. So out of my last week, this is the most interesting photograph I can come up with... what do you think???  This is in the rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Bldg... looking straight up.

and so there is proof that I played around with my camera a little bit, here is another shot... maybe with the flash?? I don't remember.

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  1. the second shot definitely looks like a flash - - it has a tendency to lessen the yellow hue on a photo. That ceiling is beautiful. As for what to share? I think whatever shot you're most proud of (even if possibly ordinary or mundane to some) is what you post. I love that we can meet new people and see what's going on in places other than where we are ;)


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