Friday, July 8


So, it's 11:00 PM on Friday night and I just want to go to bed, but I have been putting off Five Minute Friday all day long... I just can't go to bed without doing my Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama (not that anyone would miss me, but here I am)


(Monday: Hershey Gardens)

Oh, how I have been working on developing a grateful heart... not that I am not grateful, but for it to be my first thought, to be thankful in ALL things, to see God in the moment. I have been working on that with my counting of 1000 Gifts with Ann Voskamp... come back Monday for a more detailed GRATEFUL post. I have been discouraged and today I was avoiding this post like the plague because I was not feeling very grateful... mostly feeling the post vacation blues.

(Tuesday: Hershey Park)

But I am GRATEFUL, grateful for family vacations... even if they aren't restful, even if I have 1200 pictures to go through, grateful BECAUSE I have 1200 pictures to go through.  Grateful that my kids will remember the good memories... not the whining and complaining, the hour wait to get out of Hershey's parking lot, my 3YO PEEING on me while touring Gettysburg.
(Wednesday: Gettysburg)

Oh but I am thankful, GRATEFUL for the constant laughter, the excitement of children, chocolate at Hershey Park, the time my kids shared and got along, their sweet faces sleeping in exhaustion, riding a roller coaster with my hubby... so exhilarating!  Grateful for the grandparents coming along, grateful for memories, fun, safety... and grateful for returning back home again!

(Thursday: Lancaster County)

It's not to late to join in... or just read all the other great entries into Five Minute Friday!!

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  1. I'm up late too!!!! Enjoyed your post. I can relate to the post-vacation blues - been there for sure.


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