Thursday, July 14

thanks to you...

I had so much fun making these cards, I am having a hard time parting with them, but I did promise a giveaway, so a giveaway I have for you. 

Originally, this was going to be a giveaway to celebrate one year blogging on Blogger... 7 years blogging total (Yes, I really did start blogging on Xanga... in June of 2004), but June was a busy month and it just didn't happen.  I started blogging to share what was on my heart as a new mom (back when I only had ONE) and to share what God was teaching me, and to show off pictures of my kids to all our family far away. When I made the switch to Blogger it was for the intention of promoting my hand made cards and Artfire shop... but that didn't happen so much either!  I have been too busy counting my #1000gifts, and talking about other miscellaneous stuff, and occasionally I did share my cards and crafts, but those posts didn't seem to generate a lot of comments! :(
To be honest with you, I think I am afraid of actually succeeding.  I have had plenty of people tell me how much they love my cards, and I have been giving my cards as gifts for years... mostly to my family or for shower gifts (homemade thank yous are so nice).  Then I tried selling them, but my only clients are people I know in real life (and I am so grateful to them for supporting me in this venture). However, I don't think I have actually sold any cards to someone I have never met (and for some reason that defines success to me).  If people really started buying my cards, I would be committed to spending time in my craft room instead of wasting time on twitter.  I would actually have to go to the post office occasionally to mail packages. I might have to improve my photography, so the cards would look as great on the computer as they do in real life. I would have to be ready to have someone criticize my work or, heaven forbid, want their money back... I am not very confident... except for these cards, I love these cards, and I think you will like them too!!

So here they are and the work that went into them...

A beautiful set of 10 thank you notecards (ARV $25.00), made with Creative Memories paper and paper accents. Embellished with brown lace ribbon.  Sentiment is hand stamped in colors to match!
Here are some close ups of the individual cards.

Of course, the Creative Memories Paper Buttons I used are in the While Supplies Last section, but they have others in different color schemes, I so might have to buy some more to make another set.

Here is a shot of the paper accented with the brown lace.

I also made the envelopes matching with paper and accented the inside of the cards with paper and brown lace ribbon.

Here is another shot of the whole lot of them, with the matching envelopes... 4 burgundy, 3 navy, 3 olive.

So this giveaway is a thank you for reading... even when I don't know what direction I want this blog to take.

But I can't make it too easy for you to win these cards, so for a chance to get these delightful thank you notes mailed to you (and you can only have them if you promise to use them! :), please answer one of the following questions in your comment!

1. Do you have any compliments, ideas, criticisms, suggestions for me, as I attempt to make a go of an online business?

2. What would you personally be willing to pay for handmade notecards (individual or a set)? Have you ever bought a handmade card before? Do you send cards?

Please be sure to leave a way for me to find you, contact you in the event that I draw your name as winner!! Giveaway ends Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 10:00pm EST.

In an effort to promote exposure for my shop, you can also connect with me on facebook, twitter, Artfire, or follow my blog (but it won't get you any bonus entries).  You can however get one bonus entry by sharing this post/giveaway on facebook or twitter... just leave me the link to your post so I can confirm it!!

Thanks again...


  1. I love your cards...I would def be willing to pay $5 per pack of five, so like $1 per card. I think the only comment I can give on starting a business is not to give up when things seem to not be working...give it a try a new way or keep trying! I think your idea is a great one! I will pray with you that you can have success, however you define it!

    Tricia Knapp

  2. Oh, sorry...forgot bits of the question. Yes I have used homemade cards, prefer it! I usually make my own but I am not talented enough for it to look good. I have recently begun sending cards more I hope that answered everything for you!

  3. I do send cards. I feel like it's more personal than email. It's a nice surprise to find a card in the mail. These are adorable and so much better because they're made by hand. I've made and purchased hand made cards before.

  4. I forgot to say what I would pay for these. I would probably pay $10-$15 per package. They were hand made, after all. At Target a stylish card like this can run up upwards of $4 each.

    I also re-tweeted your post on Twitter. You can look it up in your Twitter Mentions. If the winner, I can be contacted at Click on the contacts tab.

  5. Julie -
    These cards are amazing! Those of us lacking skills would pay for something homemade - I'd probably be able to do around $5 for a pack like someone above mentioned. I love the idea of same theme different colors. Do you do other shapes of cards? That might be a fun and creative way to make new ones.
    I'd love to win these!

  6. These cards are SO cute! I love to send handmade cards. I think it's much more special knowing the card was handmade. I'm willing to pay quite a but more for handmade things. Maybe it's because I have my own shop, so I know all the hard work that goes into it! I usually pay around $3 - $4 per card (on Etsy).

  7. Holy cow! These are awesome!! Love them! I wouldn't have a clue what price you should sell something like this for. I buy my cards pretty cheap because I AM cheap, but for handmade, I would think you could sell them for more. Really I don't know what to suggest.

    Feel free to contact me at my blog or on Twitter @SimplyRebekah.

  8. I just tweeted about the giveaway. The greedy part of me hopes that no one else enters though. ;)

  9. The only advice I would give is to not give up! Even if things move slowly at first, don't assume they will always move slowly.

    I have gotten handmade cards before and I absolutely love them because of their uniqueness and beauty. I would be willing to pay $10 for a 10 pack.

  10. I also tweeted earlier at anarmychapswife.

  11. I follow you on Twitter, but this is the first time I've clicked over to your blog. My goodness--I'm impressed that you started blogging so long ago! I never even knew what the word "blog" meant until 2007.

    Your cards are beautiful. I can't imagine what you'd need to charge to make a go of selling them, but it seems that people are willing to pay about $1 per card. I'm guessing that your materials are very expensive, and I'm sure these take quite a bit of time, so I don't know if selling them for that amount would be helpful to you. It seems you are very talented, though, so if this is something you enjoy doing, I'd say you should go for it! Perhaps you could a few different types of cards, including some at different price points. And I suggest you read "The Shabby Chic Cottage" if you don't already, and visit Gina's etsy shop. She knows what she's doing when it comes to marketing handmade items.


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