Monday, September 5

trying to get back into blogging

So, although I said I was only going to take a two week bloggy break, it turned into more than 3 weeks, minus my #FiveMinuteFriday entry and that didn't get a single comment...  I was very good about writing down my gifts during the 2 weeks, so that I could share them with you on the Monday I returned, but I am a week late... so here's my 1000, infinite gifts...

1048. Pajama day
1049. Snuggling with a feverish little girl
1050. reading books to my kids
1051. Nathaniel sharing his cars with his sisters

1052. Fresh bread from the bread maker
1053. Wes helping with the dishes
1054. Watching too much tv on cold and rainy August days.
1055. Folded laundry
1056. Fuzzy blankets
1057. Swinging with my girls

1058. Delicious homemade pizza

1059. A decaf mocha coconut frappaccino from Wesley
1060. My kids telling me their favorite things from the day.
1061. Dew kissed grass

1062. Early morning hummingbird
1063. Coyote?!?!?!
1064. Bagels and over easy eggs
1065. Going to the park to meet friends
1066. Coach J making my kids laugh and laugh
1067. Safety!!!
1068. Car starting after 3 failed attempts
1069. New chicken feeder
1070. Going to bed early
1071. Attempting a board game with the kids
1072. Sun and rain and lightning bolts
1073. A free chocolate bar coupon
1074. Praying on my knees
1075. Starting my morning in the psalms
1076. Thunderstorms!
1077. A better attempt at a board game
1078. "date" afternoon with Nathaniel at the house (game/dessert)
1079. Thick fog
1080. Food coming in for SRM
1081. Listening to my kids read out loud
1082. Serving at the rescue mission with Nathaniel and friends

1083. Worship at church
1084. Baptisms
1085. Our new pastor
1086. God's grace in a bad afternoon
1087. Blowing bubbles
1088. Friendly old men reminding me of my blessings in the grocery store!
1089. Nathaniel climbing a tree

1090. 3YO digging in the dirt

1091. bird's nest in the pear tree

1092. chicken conversations in the yard... :)

1093. Cassia reaching out to a new classmate
1094. Anticipation of a new school year
1095. Letting the girls fingerpaint
1096. Waiting and watching for a hummingbird with my girls
1097. Little boys spending the day up in apple trees
1098. Lunches packed and ready to go
1099. School clothes picked out
1100. Early morning excitement for first day of school

1101. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast
1102. The peacefulness of one child at home
1103. Kids bubbling over with details of first day
1104. The mess of sidewalk chalk
1105. Bedtime
1106. Little preschooler wishing she could go to school every day, not just Mon, Wed, Fri
1107. After school snack of Grasshopper cookies
1108.  making art smocks out of old tshirts

1109. Clean sheets
1110. Bears (although I would like it if they would leave my chicken coop alone)
1111. Coupons
1112. Helping the neighbor
1113. butterflies

1114. Making shredded chicken for my Ohio born hubby
1114. Birthday party fun for the kids
1116. Bubbles
1117. Ziplines
1118. Balance beams

1119. Charged cell phones
1120. Gas stoves during power outages (and even when electricity works)
1121. Two buck in the back field

1122. Candles

1123. Restored power
1124. Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast
1125. My handsome hardworking man with a chainsaw
1126. Laundry on the line
1127. Littlest girl helping daddy clean up branches

1128. Pears from the backyard tree

I am not sure what happened after last Monday... I quit writing down my thankfulness. I am hoping to pick up again... I do have a lot to be thankful for from the last week, and I will try to work on that post next!

for now, I will continue linking up with A Holy Experience.


  1. I got tired reading your thankful list:-) You certainly are a busy mommy!! I think the most wonderful thing about keeping track of the day to day goodness of God, is that when things look their grimmest you know that He will work on your behalf, because you've seen Him at work in your day to day. That's been enormous for me this last year. See you tomorrow!

  2. I forgot to tell you...I've nominated you for a Liebster award. You'll have to check out my latest post to see what it's all about:-)


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