Friday, September 16

Orange coasters

So after I posted my festive orange birthday cards for The CSI Project's Orange theme week, I got to thinking all about fall (after all it became frigid cold last night... we had to pull out the space heater this morning) and I started thinking through my stamps to figure out what I could do with FALL and ORANGE!!  and I remembered my "photo" coasters that I have in my living room. I have been stamping little pictures in them to match the season.  Well, they still have patriotic stamps in them from the summer.  So I decided  that they needed a re-do for the fall (with Orange of course!)

So I got busy this morning and had a little too much fun.  Here is the result!!

I made so many fun ones, I am going to have to swap them out every week!  At least they will last me until December! :)

and then I even let go of perfectionism and let my 3YO daughter color a couple.  She had so much fun and it did my heart good to listen to her excitement!! (although she forgot to use the color orange)

So I just want to say "thank you" to The CSI Project for inspiring me to Create Something Inspiring today!!



  1. did i give you an orange hot pad?? <3 mom

  2. I posted on fb, but thought I would try here again. I love your work, and want some for mine. Will you make me a couple seasons? I have the same coasters. My birthday is coming up. =)


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