Friday, September 23

Five Minute Friday on Growing

So I'm in a blogging funk... I haven't recovered from my "2 week break"  but it is Friday (even if it is 10:30pm) so I thought I might give #FiveMinuteFriday a try...


So, The Gypsy Mama wants us to give her (and you) our best five minutes on "Growing"

Growing, so it seems like I'm not doing much growing lately.  I feel stuck, stagnant, no direction, no vision... not exactly fertile ground for "Growing" but still I want to grow.  I am pessimistic and tend to dwell on the negative and beat myself up when I screw up, but I do know that there has been some growth in the last few years.

Growing is something you think about in the Springtime... ya know when everything is growing new again. Right now it is the beginning of fall, leaves are changing colors (which I love) and the mountains around me are going to be bursting with color... but after that comes winter and I just don't like winter, cold, dark, snowy.

Growing ... something my kids are doing



not much of a re-entry into blogging, but I will keep trying!!  Be kind in the comments! :)  and go visit more great Five Minutes here...


  1. I think that this is a fine post. The important thing is that you wrote something, right? And this one ends with a bang, something that gets to the heart of pretty much every parent - the growing up of our children.

    To quote folks around here, "ya done good!" :)

    I'm visiting from Five Minute Friday and a new subscriber to your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Five Minute Friday helped me remeber how much I loved writing again. It also helped me to 'just show up' again. :)

    I know how it feels to feel stagnant and stuck adn pessimistic. I pray that there will be a lifting of the grey for you. Know though that God is faithful even in this and HE IS growing you even in this place.

  3. Thank you for your post and just writing what your heart says!
    I can relate to what you say... I too can be very pessimistic, even though I long to be an optimist!
    Well done for just writing!


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