Saturday, September 24

Thank you notes

Thank you to my friend, Michelle, for the inspiration!! :)  She posted this cute card (it's at the end of the post) earlier this week, and I need to send some thank you notes out, so I decided to copy her!  Then I found this color challenge with Color Throwdown, and decided to combine the two.

This was the result...

I started by punching out a TON of flowery shapes. this was a breeze thanks to my new Creative Memories Blossom Place 'n' Punch ...

you can just put it anywhere on the page, and punch... none of this starting as close to the edge as possible, trimming the excess, wasting a lot of paper, etc.  Just line it up on your paper, use the heavy duty magnet to keep it in place and PUNCH!!

then, I knew I wanted to try some bling on the card, but I just didn't like it... too small in the flower's center.

so I tried a different middle, but too boring for my taste (it might be the vanilla paper)

so then I added the bling to the vanilla centers, and I like it!!

pink and browns are so much fun, so this was an easy color challenge for me!!

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  1. They came out GREAT! (thanks for the shout-out, btw! I'm humbled!)


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