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Five Minute Friday --Remember

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This was a hard one for me... so many great things to remember, and some hard things too!  Today, while my kids were playing hard and loud downstairs in the basement of our God given house, I thought back and remmembered the 2 bedroom trailer we used to live in... and thanked God that we have soo much more space now.  I remember the tight quarters and filling every corner and every nook and cranny with something!  I remember being tight on space and limiting toys (because they filled our living room), and having a kids bedroom that was just beds... and a dresser. with a second dresser stuck in the closet.

I remember and then I thank God again for 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, a finished basement, a two car garage, and the sun porch. and every day I give thanks for land as far as the eye can see, for space for a chicken coop, a playground that the kids love, a back field full of wildlife. Gorgeous sunrises and spectacular sunsets.

But I pray that I will continue to remember, and to give thanks for the two bedroom trailer... God's provision for us in that time, my refiner's fire!


posting without picture of the 2 bedroom trailer or our current home because my computer won't cooperate... come back tomorrow (maybe) if you like pictures!


  1. so much fun to find a kindred soul with a kindred past. We, too, had our trailer days and now our 'God given house' (loved that phrase, can I steal it?) with plenty of space! Trailers make you forever grateful, don't they, :)
    hopping over from gypsy mamma :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me to remember the tough times as a refiner's fire! What a blessing in disguise. Linking up from gypsy mamma!

  3. Beautiful post, Julie. Not to be silly, but it helps ME to remember to be thankful. To remember where I came from and what God did in my life, at that time, to bring me (make me) who I am today. Thanks for sharing your heart. I was blessed by it! Love you!


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