Thursday, November 3

Kid's Play house

This week the theme at The CSI Project is Kid's Places and Spaces!


and I have a great kids place to share!  I will start out by saying that my MOM made this, but my kids are LOVING it!! :)

when we moved into this house last year, we also got an extra kitchen table. It was my husband's "desk" originally and then the kids used it for crafts, and then it's just been taking up space in the basement. Then my mom had a great idea for this table.  She had a table house like this 60 years ago when she was a kid.  So she measured the table this summer when she was visiting and went home and got to work! It took a little extra work because it is an oval table, but my mom is a great sewer and it turned out PERFECT!

All of the decorations are machine appliqued.  Mom went through her hoards of fabric scraps to find inspiration for the decorations.

a little kitty in the window to remember our cat we lost to old age this summer.

a black bear in the trees to commemorate our little visitor that we have had a few times over the last year.

and some chickens in the yard... just like ours!  We don't have enough for a "fresh eggs" sign in the window, but maybe some day!! :)

and some beautiful flowers and lawn decorations all  around the outside of the table.

Here's a shot of the front door and windows with shutters.

and the shingles on top (she had an over abundance of blue material! :)

My kids have so much fun taking their blankets, books, coloring, puzzles and toys into this little house and playing for hours!! and I love it when I have some peace and quiet!! :)  Thanks to my mom for an INSPIRING project for my kids!!

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  1. Love it! I might have to send this link to my mother-in-law ... even if we were to have something like this to put over our dining room table when we weren't eating, it would be great!


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