Friday, December 9

Five Minute Friday --Color


just the word evokes cheer and happiness!  We love it when our kids have color in their cheeks... especially from the sun in the summer and the wind and fresh air in the winter. We don't like it so much when the color is a result of a fever.   

Color... the reason I love summer and fall and I struggle through winter.

Children add color to your life. They see and describe things so differently from adults. I love the expressions and thought process of my kids. except when they ask and ask and ask questions. sometimes I can't come up with another answer. I keep trying to remind myself that questions are necessary for learning.

Color... right now I am trying to figure out what color to paint my kitchen, it's in desperate need of a change, but we don't own the house and it has a PINKISH back-splash and counter top... how do you work with THAT color???  To help me, I decided to just add color, lots of color in the form of Fiesta dinnerware!  I've been asking for it for a while and I finally got some this year for Christmas and my birthday combined... because it's not cheap!  Six different colors now grace our kitchen table as we eat... and the kids LOVE it (although there have been numerous arguments over who gets what color plate and mug... I try to mix it up every time)  Even I have my favorites and I love mixing and matching.

Color... this week defined by my new Fiestaware.  and now the word COLOR looks funny to me... did I spell it right??!?!  :)

I really need to start using a timer instead of glancing at the clock when I participate in Five Minute Friday! :) ... and I still hate that I have a million thoughts and can't focus on one direction in my Five Minutes.

so hop on over and see all the color exploding on The Gypsy Mama's blog today! :)


  1. Love your new dishes! What a great way to add a splash of color to the looming winter days!

  2. I just started a set of Fiesta dishes too...they do so brighten up the table. Loved your post.

  3. LOVE those dishes! such a big fan of earth-toned colours, though.

  4. ooooo those dishes are delicious!!


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