Tuesday, December 6

Advent for the kids...

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and tired of all the commercialism surrounding Christmas. I just wanna throw it all out the window and just forget about it (maybe it's partially because money is so tight in these days).  I mentioned Truth in the Tinsel a few weeks ago... and I was really nervous about committing to it.  I never considered myself a crafty mom (perfectionism takes over and it becomes un-fun real fast).  But I am happy to say, that so far so good (mostly)!!

I am loving the facebook page with examples, encouragement, and ideas from others that are participating in Truth in the Tinsel this year!! You should really check it out!  One of the things I discovered is that some moms are really organized and plan ahead... like they have each day's craft supplies all gathered and bagged neatly by day...  This here, this is my organization!

Just wanted to share a little of our journey and encourage you, that it's not too late to join in!!

Day 1: My son missed out because he was at karate... my daughter on the left is a perfectionist... all neat in a row! This was a great start to our Advent Experience. Jesus is the Light of the world! LOVED listening to my 6YO read Isaiah

Day 2: The coming Kingdom: I was totally gonna skip the painting step, but I just couldn't and I am so glad I didn't! The kids were so proud of their work and I LOVE them, too!!

Day 3.  I made this one on my own with them watching... I just couldn't come up with a way to do 4 of them... until I saw all the great ideas on the facebook page... paper plates?!?!  Why didn't I think of that?

Day 4: Gabriel the angel... seriously think this one is my favorite ornament so far! I did most of the work for each one, but they picked out the colors, wrapping paper, and all.

Day 5: Mary... this one was just a nightmare, that's all I'm gonna say

Day 6: I call this day Redemption because we recovered from yesterday.  This day was Mary and Elizabeth. Once again, I was going to try to take the easy way out... not do four sets, use crayons instead of watercolor paints... etc. but my little rule follower saw the page and insisted that we paint! :) and then we did do 4 sets and I had to cut them ALL!!

and then my sweet little children started puppet shows and re-enacting Luke 1!!  :)
 They couldn't even keep the dolls still long enough for a picture!! :)

This great ebook also provided stuff for advent calendars and I printed these nice little clues... and I am doing NOTHING with them... O well, maybe next year! :)

So this is my little Truth in the Tinsel update... Hopefully I will be back next week with another update!! :)  you know you want to join in!! :)

Linking this up to Manger Mondays (although this is Tuesday! :)


  1. I love reading your blog Julie! I LOL'd at the Mary craft because I totally agree that one was a nightmare here too but my favorite by far of all this so far is how much they KNOW about the truth of things leading up to Christ's birth. I forgot to print the template so I had run up to print it off and came down to them using the last few days crafts to take turns acting out Gabriel, Mary and Zechariah. SO. AWESOME! Even our 3 year old can answer questions. My favorite is the answer to what happened to Z after he didn't believe Gabriel? "He couldn't say anything for a lotta lotta days!!!" keep up the good work. I am letting my perfectionism go for this advent fun - which is so freeing!

  2. Great work!! It can be overwhelming, especially with so many little hands in the mix! I love your organization!! Mine is a pile on top of the hutch. :) and, I keep my book in e-format and the girls are not allowed to look and "ruin the surprise" for that day. :) that way if I have to modify, it doesn't take an act of congress. Ha!!

    Thanks for lining up to Manger Mondays!! :)

  3. love your blog Julie, and you too...so much!! always...

  4. Looks like a lot of fun and learning as well - the crafts look great!


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