Monday, December 5

Thanksgiving gifts

So, I know all the real bloggers already did all their Thanksgiving posts last week and I am totally behind the ball on this, but I actually did a great job of writing down my gifts for the week of Thanksgiving. (even though for some reason MY iPod touch is not compatible with the new #1000gifts app) ... So here is my continuous, endless 1000 gifts from Thanksgiving week (with a few pictures thrown in!)

Trunk full of luggage and presents
Kids lovies and blankets filling the van
Kindle reading
Hubby driving
Cookies for snacks
Reminder of "showers of blessings"
Safety in the rain
Sleeping girls
Welcome to Ohio sign
Hugs from long distance family
Talking late into the night
My kids with their grandparents
Time for card making
Letting my daughter use some of my supplies
Baked spaghetti made by mom
Brothers going through memory boxes
Seeing extended family
Mocha brownies
Eating too much 2 days in a row
Thanksgiving Day parades (on TV)

Extra long tables
Cousin chaos
Cousin hugs

Cousin pictures

Toddler conversations

peeling potatoes
Thanksgiving dinner

Christmas cookies
Phone calls to long distance family
Card games
Buy one, get one free sales
Sleeping in on Black Friday
A blessing from Great Aunt Gertie

Christmas gifts a month early

Fiesta dishes

Fun star wars gifts for the kids
A quick trip to Starbucks
Downtown Sandusky traditions
Merry go round rides

Tree lighting ceremony
Taking pictures

Trains going by
Pizza traditions
Kids playing hide and seek in the dark outside
Warm Ohio temps

Card games
Making memories
Breakfast at The Lunch Box
Crayons at restaurants

 Crazy kid faces

Visiting grandpa's old antique shop

Hot cocoa
Unexpected much needed laughter
Arms wrapped around me
Thankful that God chose me
God uses the foolish things of this world
Colossians 3:12-17
Family conversations
More card making time

Starbucks drink lasting all evening
More Card games
Everything fitting in the van
Big breakfast before we got on the road

Empty wheat fields and dormant trees.

Returning home again

and a bonus... getting this Thanksgiving day sale item in the mail this week!! (I have decided these should be hands-on decorations... not just mine)

took me all day, but I finally finished my Multitude Monday!!

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