Wednesday, February 8

A day in my life

Friday, January 26, 2012

... because I know you all want to know what I do in a day, here's just ONE day in my life.

6 -6:30 am... my alarm goes off and I lay in bed dreading getting out, no picture because I forgot to set my camera by my bed.

7:00 am... busy packing lunches and making breakfast for everyone

8:00 am... I remembered that I wanted to record the day and started with feeding my chickens, 3 little hens and ONE unplanned rooster (but he is beautiful)

9:00 am... brushing baby girl's hair as we get ready to leave the house

10:00am... the ceiling at the chiropractor while I was enjoying the vibrating table at the end of my appointment... he made my back all better!! :)

11:00am...  laundry time!!

12:00 noon helping my 4YO make her Nutella sandwich for lunch!! YUM!

1:00pm... disinfecting Salvation Army find... Sturdy wood dresser for $29!!!

2:00pm... folding laundry, laundry, laundry!!

2:45 pm...  sitting in car line (took the picture early because it's a 20 minute drive home and I know I shouldn't take pictures when I'm driving)

4ish... the girls watching my son play some Wii

5:00pm... making a most delicious soup... recipe to follow in the next week or so!! (can you guess the secret ingredient?)

6:00pm 4YO eating said soup and loving it... and THAT my friends, is a miracle!!

6:30pm... my two oldest doing dishes to help out... and me playing with this new trick I found on Pinterest!

7:20pm... painting the girls' fingernails blue and white to show support for their school... it was Spirit week!

7:45pm...  a little ice cream cone before bed...

9:00pm...  movie time with my hubby!

10:30ish... time for bed!!

This great idea brought to you buy SimplyRebekah.  and you still have a week or two to document one of your days and link up with Rebekah!!


  1. I love that ice cream photo! Your son is cracking me UP! :) Love it.

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. What a beautiful day! And I'm impressed with how neatly your kids are eating their chocolate ice cream!! (Mine would have dripped all down their pajamas.)

  3. I broke that rule of taking a picture while driving in my post. : (


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