Friday, February 10

Project 52 --Drink Up

When I think "drink"... the first thing that comes to mind is coffee... Yes, my dear husband, I will finally admit I have an addiction!! I really wanted to think hard and come up with another idea for this week's Project 52 theme, but I just couldn't, no matter how hard I tried... So here is my perspective on "Drink Up"!  My other problem is I have a hard time picking just ONE! so here's a few!!

I took this one last Friday when I was still thinking on the Shadow theme and enjoying my coffee out on my sun porch!!  Notice the cup is practically empty... all drunk up! :)
Sunshine, coffee, shadows

Then I took this one, because I am LOVING my Keurig and use it at least once a day!! :) (I don't really like this picture at all, there is nothing special about it at all... but I love my Keurig!! :)

And finally, a Starbucks cup... because they make me smile, and covered in messages of love... even more happy!! :)

what's your favorite drink?

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  1. I like your cup shadow and the new Starbuck's cup is so cute!

  2. haha I love the starbucks valentines day mug myself :) I saved mine to use with some art project I may do i the future :) Nice shots + great use of shadows.

  3. I love looking at these Project 52's.
    great captures!

    (and let me know if you do decide to do the #FiveMinuteFriday , cuz of course I'll want to read it) ;) would you tweet me? @simplystriving ?

    enjoy your weekend!

  4. Coffee and chocolate what's not to love?! I like the cup shadow, too.

  5. I have found a fellow junkie indeed. It has been part of my mission to find good coffee here in Paraguay. Thankfully, when no import is a round I have Brazil as a neighbor to fill the gap. Great pics. I hope to do a coffee related give away soon. Keep an eye out.

  6. Hot green tea or sweet black tea. I must be the last person alive who doesn't drink that *other* beverage. Nice mug!


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