Tuesday, February 7

The Other Half of the Story

I read this great blog post by Lisa-Jo on Monday... You really should go read it, right now if you want, but please come back!

In my Real post on Friday, I confessed a little bit of what I'm not good at. But I don't want to wallow in the pit, so here are a few (hopefully at least 10) things I am good at!

1. Cooking... when I actually take the time to meal plan. I really enjoy being in the kitchen and following recipes (or even tweaking them a little bit).  I just wish my kids were less picky! Some of my favorites are Taco Soup, Salsa/BlackBean Chicken, Stuffed Pepper Soup, and Pasta Fagioli. I have an obsession with my crockpot... or else those are the only recipes I share! :)

2. Creating handmade stationery. Seriously, I LOVE to make hand-stamped cards and I have been trying desperately to turn my hobby into a business, but so far that hasn't happened... any ideas? suggestions?

3. Making cheesecake. It's been too long and I must make one soon, but I don't really have an event to make one for, and we don't need a whole one for our family... maybe Valentine's Day is reason enough!

4. I know how to Hug. and I am getting better at doing it just when they are trying to push me away. I am learning the power of touch with my kids, and how much they NEED it. (I need it, too).  and my friends... I love giving and getting hugs at church!! ... and my hubby, too!!

5. Caring for chickens.  this one surprised me a little bit.  When we moved out to the mountain a year and a half ago, I thought it would be great fun to have chickens and get fresh eggs, but it was something I thought we would do in a few years when the kids were older.  But then someone had to get rid of chickens and we went for it. I do most of the work, but it really isn't hard.  And I never get tired of going out and finding eggs in the laying boxes!!

6. Counting the gifts. Some days is easier than others, but I am looking, noticing, and remembering the graces... Looking for 1000 in 2012!

7. Taking pictures. definitely not a professional, but I enjoy capturing memories, and the gifts! Last year I did Project 365 and only missed a few days. This year, I am sticking to Project 52.

8. Tickling my kids. always a good stress reliever. When I find things getting ugly, or when I forget my priorities, sometimes I know that a quick tickle fest can help get everything back on track.

9. Reading... I love reading, I even worked in a library when I was in high school.  These days, I read more blogs than books, but I still love reading. And now that I have a Kindle, it's soo much easier to carry a bunch of books around with me!

10. reading to my kids... which in all honesty is HARD work, but something they really enjoy... okay, who am I kidding? I am not good at it AT ALL, but I'm having a hard time coming up with 10 things!!

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So, tell me, what are YOU good at?  and if you know me, what would you add to my list??

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